Guide for Business in Brunswick

Guide for Business in Brunswick

Licensing & Permitting:

Opening a business in Brunswick may require licenses, permits and approvals from the Town of Brunswick. Approval requirements will vary depending on the nature of your business, as well as the scope of needed improvements to real estate. The Brunswick Downtown Association, in partnership with the Town of Brunswick Department of Economic and Community Development, is happy to assist new and expanding downtown businesses in identifying required Town approvals and introducing business owners to key Town officials.

The following Town of Brunswick departments are the first points of contact for issuing Town approvals:

Town Clerk (207) 725-6658 or

The Town Clerk issues licenses for Sole Proprietors (doing business as something other than owner’s name), as well as Food Service Establishments/Victualers, Innkeepers, Theaters, etc.

Planning & Development (207) 725-6660 or

The Department of Planning & Development issues the following Town permits:

  • Building Permits are required when a building is constructed, demolished, moved, added to or structurally altered.
  • Electrical & Plumbing Permits are required whenever electrical or plumbing work is done.
  • Sign Permits are required for any new or replacement sign.
  • Change of Use Permits are required when there is a change from one use to another of any structure or portion thereof, which is permitted in a particular zoning district.
  • Development-Review is required for development activities that within a five-year period result in construction that meets certain thresholds, such as a cumulative total of 7,500 square feet or more of gross floor area and impervious surface combined. In order to expedite smaller projects, review is classified into “Major” and “Minor” review.  Major review is conducted by the Planning Board, and Minor review is conducted by Town staff. Note:  Projects that do not require Development Review, may still require building,      electrical and/or plumbing permits.

Permit application forms may be downloaded at

Departments listed above are located in the Town of Brunswick Municipal Building, 28 Federal Street, Brunswick, ME 04011