Revaluation 2017

Revaluation 2017

Current areas of town where neighborhood visits are occurring:

*** NOTE *** Callback letters will be sent out in the Spring ’17 if you did not receive an internal inspection by KRT Appraisal.

*** NEW VALUE NOTICES *** Property owners can expect new valuation notices to be mailed in July of 2017.

Brunswick in-town areas, Tax Map U30 (updated 1/5/2017)

Brunswick in-town areas, Tax Map U27, U28 and U29 areas (updated 12/15/2016)

Lower Maine and associated side-streets and in-town areas (updated 10/18/2016)

Meadowbrook, Hemlock, Tarratine, Melden Drive and associated side-streets (updated 10/4/2016)

Peary, MacMillan and Baribeau areas (updated 9/22/2016)

Jordan Avenue area and working towards town (updated 9/12/2016)

Harpswell Rd to in-town Brunswick areas (updated 9/07/2016)

Wildwood Area, Coombs Road and East Brunswick (updated 8/18/2016)

Pennellville Rd, Middle Bay Rd and Mere Point Rd areas (updated 8/10/2016)

Pennellville Area, Simpson’s Point Rd, Princes Point Rd, Gurnet Area, New Meadows River (updated 7/25/2016)

Mere Point Road & surrounding waterfront areas (updated 7/1/2016)

Southwest side of Pleasant Hill Road (updated 6/16/2016)

Southwest side of I-295 (updated 6/13/2016)

Near Brunswick/Freeport town line (updated 6/1/2016)

River Road area (updated 05/24/2016)

West Brunswick – near Durham line (updated 04/28/2016)


Why is a revaluation needed?

A revaluation is a process that creates a solid base of inventory for tax purposes. The Maine Constitution states that,all taxes upon real and personal estate, assessed by authority of this State, shall be apportioned and assessed equally according to the just value thereof”.

Brunswick’s last revaluation was conducted in 2000. Since then, changing economic conditions have caused inequities to develop. Currently, our values are at 70% of market value; after a revaluation, the values will match 100% of market value, and the tax rate will decrease.

What is a revaluation?

Revaluation involves the reappraisal of all real estate in the town in order to bring about uniformity in property valuations. A revaluation (or reval) does not increase the town’s revenue. Towns vote to pay for a revaluation because they recognize the need to equalize the values so that no one taxpayer pays more or less than their fair share of the tax burden.  For more information please click on the BRUNSWICK REVAL 2017.

Who is doing the revaluation?

The Firm of KRT Appraisal has been hired by the Town of Brunswick, to conduct the Town wide revaluation project.   KRT Appraisal will be working with the Assessor’s Office to make the process a successful one. There are five major phases to a municipal revaluation: Data Collection, Market Analysis, Valuation, Field Review, and Informal Hearings. During these phases many tasks will be implemented in order to successfully complete the revaluation.  For more information on these phases please click on KRT APPRAISAL.

Who is KRT Appraisal?

KRT Appraisal is located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and was founded in 2010, KRT Appraisal provides superior revaluation services for municipalities throughout New England; performing a variety of services (statistical updates, assessing consulting, full revals, data collection, building permits, etc…) for over 64 municipalities. KRT has a team of 10 professionals with over 75 years of mass appraisal experience (collectively).  For more information, please visit their website at WWW.KRTAPPRAISAL.COM.