Selected Financial Presentations

Selected Financial Presentations

Following are some of the presentations which have been provided to the Town Council and the public over the past few years.  Please note that the assumptions and estimates were based on the information which was available at the time of the presentations, and may not reflect current estimates.


2018-19 Budget Development:
2018-3-15 Manager’s Preliminary 2018-19 Municipal budget
2018-3-15 Manager’s Preliminary 2018-19 Budget Presentation
2018-3-15 Fire Department 2018-19 Budget Presentation

2017-18 Budget Development:
2017-5-11 Budget & CIP PH Presentation
2017-5-8 Manager’s Budget Presentation
2017-5-4 Manager’s Budget Presentation
2017-3-2 Budget Environment 2017-18

Capital Improvement Program:

2017-5-4 CIP 2018-22

2016-4-21 CIP 2017-21

2015-3-16 CIP 2016-20

School Construction Funding:

2017-2-21 Presentation to Council

2017-01-17 Presentation to Council

2016-12-5 Presentation to Council

2016-3-19 Public Forum

2015-9-23 Presentation to Council & School Board