Property Taxes

Property Taxes

PLEASE NOTE:  The 2018-19 tax bills have NOT been generated yet.  The Town Council has set the commitment date for the end of October, with the first installment due November 30, 2018.  The second installment will be due April 16, 2019.

Real Estate Tax Bills
You may view the list of real estate taxes by clicking on 2017-18 Real Estate Taxes

Personal Property Tax Bills
You may view the list of business personal property taxes by clicking on 2017-18 Personal Property Taxes

Prior Year Taxes
The lists for the 2016-17 taxes may be accessed by clicking the links below:
2016-17 Real Estate Taxes
2016-17 Personal Property Taxes

Assessments and Tax Bills
Property taxes are assessed to the owner of record as of April 1 of the given year against real and personal property. The amount of tax is equal to the assessed value times the tax rate. The assessed value of property is established by the Brunswick Tax Assessor.  The tax rate is also established by the Brunswick Tax Assessor in accordance with the requirements established by the Brunswick Town Council in its adoption of the annual budget. The budget and fiscal year for the Town of Brunswick is July 1 to June 30. Tax bills are generally mailed by the second week of September to the owner of record as of April 1 of that calendar year.

Due Dates
Real estate property taxes are due in two installments, with the first installment due October 15 and the second installment due April 15. Personal property taxes are due in full by October 15. Any tax or portion thereof not paid by the date due is subject to interest at the rate of 7.00% per annum.  PLEASE NOTE: 2018 first installment will be due November 30th.

Real estate and personal property tax bills may be paid by check through the mail, by cash, check or credit card in person, or by credit card online.  Credit card payments are made through Maine Payport, a third party provider, and will incur additional fees.  To access the online payment service click here.
For questions about the online payment option please call the Brunswick Finance Department, Tax Collection Division at (207) 725-6657.

Sections of Title 36 of the Maine Revised Statutes Annotated (MRSA) govern the collection or property taxes including the tax lien mortgage process. The tax lien mortgage process allows the Town to preserve its lien interest in real properties on which taxes remain unpaid. Should taxes remain unpaid, the lien process may result in the Town acquiring those properties. The Town has adopted a policy to establish procedures for the review of properties on which a lien is about to foreclose and to establish procedures for the management, administration, and disposition of real property acquired by virtue of a tax lien mortgage foreclosure.  The policy may be viewed by clicking the link below.

Tax Acquired Property Policy 2017

Questions regarding valuation, exemptions, and abatements should be directed to the Brunswick Tax Assessor. The Tax Assessors Office can also be reached at 207-725-6650.

Questions regarding payments, interest, and tax liens should be directed to the Brunswick Finance Department, Tax Collection Division, in person at 85 Union Street, or by phone at (207) 725-6657, during Town Hall hours.