Chief Kenneth Brillant
Deputy Chief Donald Koslosky – Operations
Deputy Chief Jeffrey Emerson – Fire Prevention
Padi Young, Administrative Assistant

In fiscal year 2012/2013, the Brunswick Fire Department responded to a total of 1144 fire calls with an estimated fire loss of $1,144,900. This includes 113 Fires, 401 medical assist and special rescues (MVA), 167 hazardous condition calls, 106 Service calls, 103 good intent calls, 241 False alrams.

Emergency Medical
In addition to responding to fire calls, the Brunswick Fire Department responded to 2,823 Emergency Medical Calls. The total amount billed for this service for FY 12/13 was $1,203,247.

All firefighters hired by the Town must become licensed to a minimum level of Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, within their probationary period. Most members continue to upgrade their level of training during their career. The department strongly supports continued education and training.

The Brunswick Fire Department is staffed by 32 uniformed firefighters, 1 administrative assistant, 14 call firefighters and 14 haz-mat members. The firefighters are divided into four companies comprised of eight firefighters each.

Other Duties
When not responding to emergencies, firefighters are responsible for fire station upkeep, maintenance, and care of equipment and apparatus. Nearly all repairs to the fire station are completed by on-duty firefighters. All vehicle preventative maintenance and many repairs are also done in-house.

On-duty firefighters also receive training to maintain their proficiency in medical and firefighting skills as well as physical conditioning. Most training is developed and presented by on-duty personnel.