Department Personnel

Department Personnel

Fire Chief Ken Brillant

Deputy Chief Jeffrey Emerson – Fire Prevention

Deputy Chief Donald Koslosky – Operations

Padi Young, Administrative Assistant
Joshua Frances, Emergency Prep.

Crew 1

Capt. Chris Fairbanks, Advanced EMT
Lt. James Millson, Paramedic
FF Donald Williams, Paramedic
FF Claire Dufort, Paramedic
FF Peter Merrow, Paramedic
FF Mike Dube, Paramedic
FF Dean Stanton, Advanced EMT
FF Jason Abbott, Advanced EMT

Crew 2

Capt. David Hunter, Advanced EMT 
Lt. Steven Emmons, Advanced EMT
FF David Jester, Paramedic
FF Mike Factor, Advanced EMT
FF Chris Hallisey, Paramedic
FF Adam Cafro, Paramedic
FF Adam Capponi, Advanced EMT
FF Scott Dunn, Paramedic

Crew 3

Capt. Matt Barnes, Advanced EMT
Lt. Justin Hagar, Advanced EMT
FF Peter Wild, Paramedic
FF Dale Real, Paramedic
FF Ken Coslet, Advanced EMT
FF Alan Boucher, Advanced EMT
FF Joel Bruce, Advanced EMT FF
FF Luke Vashon, Paramedic

Crew 4

Capt. Derek Klemanski, Advanced EMT
Lt. John Faith, Paramedic
FF Nate LeClair, Paramedic
FF Joshua Shean, Paramedic
FF Ryan Dennett, Advanced EMT
FF Steve Lunn, Paramedic
FF Thomas St.Pierre Advanced EMT
FF Mike Baden, Paramedic

Call Firefighters

Brunswick has a force of 12 paid on-call firefighters who augment the career department. These individuals come from all walks of life and hold various positions in the community, but they all share one common interest: Service to the Citizens of Brunswick.

Call firefighters are assigned to two companies. They carry pagers which are automatically paged to respond to all structural alarms, multiple alarms and out of town calls. They are also paged for other calls as determined by the duty officer.

Call Firefighters meet twice each month, usually the 1st and 3rd Monday evening for training. Call Drivers, those certified to operate emergency apparatus, also meet on the last Monday of the month.

Company 1

Capt. Bruce Weeks
Lt. Stuart Kay

Rick Kennedy
Ryan Heath

Company 2
Lt. Dan Sutton
Eliot Nixon
Don Koslosky Sr.
Bryon Miller
Tim Hanson


RR4 Haz-Mat Team

Director- Fire Chief or Deputy of Operations
Asst. Director Dan Sutton
Capt. Shawn Hebert

Mike Balzano
Bryan Cassidy
Julia Gillespie
Bryon Miller
Robert Neal
Ralph Wesinger