Marine Resources Committee

Marine Resources Committee

Brunswick Marine Resources Committee meetings

1st Wednesday of every month @ 7pm

Brunswick Town Council Chambers

85 Union Street ~ Brunswick~ 


The Brunswick Marine Resource Committee consist of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates to be appointed by the town council. The members must include three (3) town licensed resident commercial shellfish harvesters, three (3) residents of the community who do not possess a town or state shellfish license and one (1) town licensed resident recreational shellfish harvester. One (1) alternate must be a town licensed resident commercial shellfish harvester and one (1) alternate must be a member of the community who does not posses a town or state shellfish license.

Clam Reseeding effort


Committee Members

Mr. Anthony Yuodsnukis ~ Non License Holder ~ 276 Bunganuc Rd. ~ 207-729-0823 ~ Term expires 5/1/2020

Mr. Scott Hawkes ~ Commercial Harvester ~ 76 Baybridge Rd. ~ 207-844-3774 ~ Term expires 5/1/2021

Mr. James Nottingham ~ Commercial Harvester ~ 29 Tufton St. ~ 207-841-0705 ~ Term expires 05/1/2019

Ms. Susan Olcott~ Non License Holder ~60 Federal St.~ 207-807-8700 ~ Term expires 05/1/2021

Mr. Marko Melendy ~ Alternate ~ Sparwell Ln, ~ 774-1385 ~Term expires 05/1/2020

Vacancy ~ Commercial Harvester

Vacancy ~ Commercial Harvester

Vacancy ~ Non License Holder

Vacancy ~ Alternate

sexing and sizingMarine Resource Committee Powers and Dutiesquahog survey

(1) To administer and coordinate the shellfish sustainability program.
(2) To recommend to the town council how the money appropriated for shellfish sustainability programs should be spent.
(3) To survey the coastal waters to obtain and maintain current information on shellfish resources,
a. The determination of size frequency.
b. The determination of growth rate.
c. The estimation of the available standing crop.
d. The estimation of potential yield.
e. The identification of sources of harmful pollution.
f. The identification of other resource problems, such as green crab predation and mussel competition.
(4) To determine the current level of use of the shellfish resources.
(5) To cooperate with the Department of Marine Resources and others in carrying on experimental programs.
(6) To prepare and promulgate a shellfish sustainability plan in cooperation with the Department of Marine Resources based on the results of the shellfish survey, recommending area rotation, seeding, transplanting, predator control, and the opening and closing of the coastal waters.
(7) To collect harvest data documenting local values of shellfish resources.
(8) To make an annual written report to the town and the Department of Marine Resources detailing funds available, expenditures made, shellfish population data, results of all conservation and experimental programs, enforcement activities, and sources of pollution, predation, competition and other resource problems.
(9) To establish annually in conjunction with the Department of Marine Resources the number of commercial shellfish harvesting licenses to be issued.