Brunswick Conservation Area Maps & Descriptions

Brunswick Conservation Area Maps & Descriptions

The Town of Brunswick routinely close areas and days of the week for conservation and sustainability of the local shellfish resources. The definition of shellfish under the Town of Brunswick Municipal Shellfish Ordinance Chapter 11 Marine Activities Structures and Ways includes softshell clams, quahogs, razor clams, and American & European Oysters.  The following restrictions apply:

Harvesting of all shellfish 1 hour prior to sunrise and 1 hour after sunset is strictly prohibited with the Town of Brunswick.

Commercial shellfish harvesting of softshell clams and quahogs is closed on Saturday & Sundays until further notice

Area Conservation Closures

TPB Conservation Closure 2015 (Enacted)

Brunswick Coastal Wetlands provide a distinct and valuable service to the watersheds and the shellfish growing waters.  Please DO NOT harvest shellfish from areas abuttig the upland that have established vegitation.  Click on the link to read the Memo tothe Marine Resources Committee concerning these areas.

Fringing Salt Marsh Conservation