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Coffin Pond

Coffin Pond Panorama

Coffin Pond Closed for 2019 Season

Due to a statewide shortage of certified lifeguards and after a thorough search of all resources to identify possible lifeguard candidates resulting in a very poor response we are in the unfortunate position to announce the closure of Coffin Pond for the 2019 season.


Although certain state park beaches are choosing to allow swimming at one’s own risk, this option is not feasible for Coffin Pond. See a recent news video from WCSH6 pertaining to the shortage situation at the following link;


Coffin pond is a facility that primarily caters to families with young children and as such permitting the facility to remain open without certified lifeguards to provide supervision is not an option. Lacking a filtration system, the pond also presents both water turbidity and visibility challenges making it that much more important to have trained certified lifeguards to oversee the public’s use of the facility.








Coffin Pond is located in a beautiful mature white pine forest in Brunswick, Maine.  Bordered on the west by the River Road and on the east by the Androscoggin River,  the area features: Coffin Pond Slide

¨         Sandy Beach
¨         Red Cross Certified Lifeguards
¨         A 55’ Water Slide
¨         Playground Area
¨         Picnic Area
¨         Restrooms with changing facilities
¨         Concession Area
¨         Parking
¨         Red Cross Swim Lessons

2018 Season Information

July 4th-August 30, 2018                                  10:00 am – 5:00pm Daily


Season Pass Registration Form

Season passes are available at the Brunswick Recreation Center beginning June 4th and at Coffin Pond beginning June 23rd.

Season Pass Fee

Family  $75.00
Individual Adult    $37.50
Individual Youth(12 & Under)  $25.00
Senior Citizen      $25.00
Family  $120.00
Individual Adult    $66.00
Individual Youth(12 & Under)   $30.00
Senior Citizen    $37.50

Daily Gate Fee

Adult (13 & over)  $4.00
Youth (12 & under)         $3.00
Group Rate(50 people or more)  $2.50

Adult (13 & over)    $6.00
Youth (12 & under)          $3.75
Group Rate(50 people or more) $3.25

Coffin Pond Slide Beach       Coffin Pond Beach View

Rules:  Follow the link for Coffin Pond Rules.


Coffin Pond is located on the River Road in Brunswick.

From Brunswick, take Pleasant Street to the intersection of Pleasant Street and River Road.  Turn onto River Road and travel a half mile to the entrance to Coffin Pond on the right.  Coffin Pond is located diagonally across from the entrance to the Brunswick Golf Club.

Coffin Pond Wide Angle