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Learn how to Play Pickleball!!  Weekly Classes!

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8:30am-10:30am (4 Courts)

10:30am-2pm (2 Courts)

5:30-8pm- Open Play (2 courts)


8:30am-10:30am (4 Courts)

10:30am-2pm (2 Courts)

5:30-7pm Learn to Play Class- Fee


8:30am-10:30am (4 Courts)

11:30am-2pm (2 Courts)

5:30pm-8pm (2 Courts)


8:30am-10:30am (4 Courts)

10:30pm-2:00pm (2 Courts)


8:30am-10:30am (4 Courts)

10:30am-2pm (2 Courts)


No weekend play until November, when Recreation opens for weekend use.

$2 Fee for Residents-Per Session

$3 Fee Non Residents -Per Session

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Equipment–  We have a selection of paddles and pickleballs for players to use during the session.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun and exciting (and addictive) racquet sport, which differs from tennis by utilizing a court less than half the size of a tennis court. It is primarily played as a doubles sport which means each person only has to cover about ten feet of court side-to-side. The rules are few & simple and the game utilizes an underhand serve, perforated plastic ball and “no-smash zone,” seven feet in front of the net which allows for an easy-to-learn sport with a slower finesse-style of play.

A pickleball court has the same dimensions as a badminton court (44’x20’) with a net that is two inches lower than a tennis net. The sport is played with wooden or composite paddles that are about twice the size of a ping pong paddle and a perforated plastic ball similar to a wiffle ball.

Here are some Pickleball Videos on YouTube to get you familiar: From CBS NEWS


“Pickleball” is such a funny name?  How was it named?

Pickleball (at least one version) was named after the family cocker spaniel of one of the co-founders.  Pickles would chase stray balls and hide in the bushes.  So you see that it was “Pickle’s ball”.   The name stuck.  Here is a link to the  History of Pickleball.

What age groups play pickleball?

Pickleball is a lifetime sport. There are players from 9-90 playing and having fun at all levels of play.

I have never played – where can I learn to play pickleball?

Drop-ins are welcome at any of our play times.  We are always glad to see new players and take time to teach you the basics of the game and get you started.  You will find our players eager to help and lots of fun.  We also have several demos throughout the year which are advertised in the paper and on our club site.  Watch out – the game gets addictive and you will get hooked!