Boat Launches

Boat Launches

For detailed descriptions and directions to each facility, please download the Parks & Recreation A to Z Guide.

Barnes Landing

The Barnes Landing boat launch onto Middle Bay Cove is for hand-carry watercraft such as canoes and kayaks. Barnes Landing is located at the southern end of Pennellville Road.

Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park

Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park adjoins Merrymeeting Bay, and features a 3/10 mile perimeter walking path with interpretive signage detailing local habitat, flora, fauna and fisheries, as well as a small gravel-surfaced boat launch at the site. The park is also utilized in winter for access to ice fishing in Merrymeeting Bay.

Maquoit Landing (Wharton Point Landing)

Maquoit Landing at Wharton Point offers a picturesque view of Maquoit Bay and the surrounding environments. The landing provides boat launch access to Maquoit Bay and the shallow mud flats attract a wide variety of waterfowl. Check tide charts before launching as tide must be near high to allow for trailered boat access.

Mere Point Boat Launch

Mere Point Boat Launch provides all-tide deep-water access onto Northern Casco Bay. This launch also includes facilities for the launching of kayaks and other hand-carry watercraft, and is located near the southern end of Mere Point Road, approximately 6 miles from the southern end of Maine Street.

Mill Street Canoe Portage
Mill Street Canoe Portage is located on the Androscoggin River, providing river access for hand-carry watercraft. Canoe and kayak users traveling downstream may portage at this point to walk along Mill Street to 250th Anniversary Park in order to put in below the dam. (Note: the portage distance is approximately ¾ mile.)

Pejeepscot dam rec areaPejepscot Dam Recreation Area

A park located on the Androscoggin River providing river access for hand carry only watercraft. {Note: a steel ramp is in place to permit canoes or kayaks to be slid down to the river for launching.]  There are also hiking trails along the river at this park.

Location:  The entrance to Pejepscot Dam Recreation Area is on River Road, approximately 4½ miles from Pleasant Street (Route 1).  Follow the gravel access road at the Pejepscot Dam Recreation Area sign to the end near the dam.

Hours of operation:  Park is open to use one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. Vehicular access is closed to the park during winter months.

Amenities available:

  • Small parking area
  • Boat launch for hand carry watercraft

Primary uses:  Boat launch for hand carry watercraft; hiking

Restrictions:  Hand carry watercraft launching only

Princes Point Landing

Princes Point Landing offers a half-tide boat launch to the New Meadows River, Long Reach and Harpswell Sound. It also offers access to bank fishing. It is located on Princes Point Road, 500 feet from Gurnet Road (Route 24).

Sawyer Park

This park provides a boat launch facility with dock to the New Meadows River, as well as picnic areas. It is located on Bath Road just before the boundary with West Bath.

Simpson’s Point Landing

Simpson’s Point Landing provides access to Middle Bay for hand-carry watercraft. It is located at the end of Simpson’s Point Road and is accessible from Mere Point Road.

Water Street Boat Landings

There are two boat landings on Water Street. #1 is an unimproved landing on the left-hand side of Water Street just past the intersection of Industry Road, which provides river access for small watercraft and is also a popular river access site for winter ice fishing. #2 is located at the end of Water Street; this improved boat launch has paved approaches and concrete plank ramps for launching, accommodating larger trailered watercraft than Water Street #1.