Indoor Track

Walking/Running Track Information

The track is almost 1/9 of a mile long and is available for use by the community during the following hours:

Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Recreation Center Schedule

* Additional weekend time will be made available as seasonal programming allows.

Occasionally, there are times that the track(or portions of the track) may be closed to the public.  We will provide as much advance notice as possible when this occurs.  Please bring your walking shoes with you and put them on once you are inside the Recreation Center.  The Recreation Center does have locker rooms with showers and a changing area available for use.

NO ROLLER BLADES, ROLLER SKATES, STROLLERS, SKATEBOARDS, allowed on Track.   Wheeled walking aids and wheel chairs are allowed, but asked that

Please click here for a link to a chart that displays the track mileage.


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