Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Planning and Development Office open?
FRIDAY, 8:30AM-3:00PM

How long does it take for Planning Board or Village Review Board Approval?
Please contact the Town Planner, Jared Woolston, at (207) 725-6660, as cases may vary.

What are some examples of projects that require building permits?
A Building Permit is needed for, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • New structures or additions
  • Swimming pools
  • Build a shed or install a premade shed/garage
  • Build a chicken coop or farm animal shelter
  • Add an addition or deck
  • Renovations that include the demolition or construction of walls or the opening up of existing walls
  • Change the use of a building or structure
  • Marine dock system

You do not need a Building Permit to do the following (always check with the Codes Office for approval):

  • Replace flooring
  • Construct a fence
  • Replace roofing or siding (no structural changes) Properties in the Village Review Zone will require VRB approval

Who do I see if I want to build an addition, deck, garage, shed, etc?
Please contact Codes Enforcement if you need assistance at (207) 725-6660, or visit the office at 85 Union Street during normal business hours, Monday-Friday.

Can I submit my application online?
At this time we do not accept applications electronically. Please complete the applications by hand or electronically then sign, and deliver with the application fee to the Department of Planning & Development in person or by mail. Applications may also be emailed to Julie Erdman and paid for over the phone by credit card. If you choose to go this route, please contact Julie at 725-6660 x4025 so she is aware that your application is coming and it is not disregarded as SPAM. Please be aware that credit cards are charged an additional 2.5% user fee.

What documents need to accompany a Development Review Application?
Please download and complete the appropriate application, as each – Major Development Review, Minor Development Review and Special Permit – have different requirements. Please contact Jared Woolston, Town Planner, (207) 725-6660, for further details or to be placed on the Planning Board agenda, during normal business hours.

What are the documentation requirements for a Building Permit/Demolition Permit?
The Building Permit Application form lists and explains all of the documentation required, including floor plans, cross sections, window and door schedules, foundation plan, deck construction, plot plan and sewer impact fee receipt or new septic design.

 How do I…

…obtain Planning Board, Village Review Board or Zoning Board of Appeals applications?
Please see the corresponding pages in the Planning & Development section of this website to download the applications needed, and to view meeting schedules and deadlines. For further details or to be placed on the agenda, please contact the Planning Office at 725-6660 or visit us during normal business hours.

…obtain permit applications for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Signs or Change of Use?
Click to the Permits & Applications page to download the appropriate applications and read additional information.

…obtain a copy of my plot plan?
To obtain a copy of your plot plan, go to the Town of Brunswick GIS system and do the following:
1. Under the “Search” tab enter your address or Map and Lot and click the “Search” button.
2. In the task bar at the upper right-hand corner of the map, click on the icon with the four squares (“Change the Base Map”). Select the 2012 Aerial Photo.
3. You may zoom in or out by using the scroll feature on your mouse.
4. To print, click on the printer icon in the task bar at the top right of the map. Type in a title if you wish (such as the address) and click “Export to pdf”. Once converted to pdf, you may print as usual.
5. Draw the location of your project on the photo; and indicate property line setbacks.

Please note that property lines may not be 100% accurate.

For assistance, please call the Codes Enforcement Office at (207) 725-6660 during normal business hours.

…determine the zone my house or business is in?
To determine the zone that the selected property is in, go to the Town of Brunswick GIS system and do the following:

1. Under the “Search” tab enter your address or Map and Lot and click the “Search” button.
2. Click on the “Legend” tab and under “Layers” check off “Zoning”. Click the arrow beside “Zoning” for the drop down menu and check the box that says “General Zoning”. The zoning layer will now appear on the map. Zoom in with the scroll feature on your mouse to read the actual zone designation.

Once you have determined your zone and wish to find information on use and dimensional/density requirements, please reference the Brunswick Zoning Ordinance or call the Codes Enforcement Office for assistance at (207) 725-6660 during normal business hours.

…report a Code/Zoning Violation?
To report a Code or Zoning Violation, please call the Code Enforcement Officer during normal business hours at 725-6660 or visit the Codes Office at 85 Union Street; you can also download a Complaint Report for Codes Enforcement and drop it off at the office or mail to:

Codes Enforcement
Department of Planning & Development
85 Union Street
Brunswick, Maine 04011