Citizen Police Academy

Citizen Police Academy

There are currently no academy classes scheduled for 2017.

The public has many misconceptions about police work – that police issue tickets to make quotas or raise revenue that officers should shoot to wound, that officers do little more than drive around and eat coffee and donuts.  These misconceptions can make it difficult for a police department to work with citizens and other public service agencies to effectively protect the community.

The citizen police academy is a series of classes (three hours per week for ten weeks) which allow the participants to obtain a greater understanding of the police department through an in depth view of the many facets of police work.  In addition, the members of the department will have an opportunity to better understand the needs and concerns of the community it serves.  Finally, by inviting class members from other public service agencies, it is hoped that the class will aid in developing mutually beneficial working relationships with the agencies with whom the department partners to serve the community.  It is not an attempt to train Guardian Angels or impart any particular skill and is not intended as a pre-service academy.

The classes are exciting and intellectually stimulating.  Guest speakers for the past class included a crime lab specialist, district and superior court judges and an assistant district attorney.

The exact syllabus is still being developed.  However, it will be similar to the syllabus outlined below.

Class 1: Ethics/constitutional protections; Hiring Process; Tour of BPD

Class 2: Communications; Community Policing, Computer crimes

Class 3: Patrol Procedures; Street drug awareness, K-9 patrol

Class 4: Defensive Tactics; Use of Force, Special Response Team

Class 5: Simunitions (shoot/don’t shoot scenarios w/ training ammunition)

Class 6: Operating Under the Influence; Drug Recognition Experts; Accident Reconstruction, Prosecution

Class 7: Sex Offenses; School Resource Officer/D.A.R.E., Marine Resources

Class 8: Crime Scene Processing; Fire Investigation

Participants will also be encouraged to participate in a three hour ride-a-long with one of the Brunswick Police Department’s patrol officers.

Class will primarily be held at the Brunswick Police Station. However, part or all of a particular class may be held at an alternate location (simunitions training, for instance).