Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for firearms in Brunswick?  Where are the shotgun areas, firing ranges?
Shotgun-only hunting in Brunswick includes areas from Maquoit Road through Harpswell Road. A complete description of areas can be obtained through the Chapter 17 of the Town Code of Ordinances. There are no “public” firing ranges in Brunswick. Any target practicing must be done with the permission of the landowner and on a properly permitted firing range.

Where do I find the State of Maine motor vehicle laws?
Motor Vehicle laws can be found on the Maine Legislature website.

Where do I pay my ticket?
Parking tickets can be paid in the Tax Office at Town Hall. Tickets for motor vehicle violations are paid online or via U.S. Mail to the Violations Bureau in Lewiston; the address and additional information is provided on the envelope given at the time of violation. All other criminal summonses may require appearance in court; please contact the courthouse at the number listed at the bottom of the summons.

How do I?

…obtain a police report?
To obtain a police report, please complete the Records Request Form available for download or at the Police Department. Please allow up to 5 days to complete your request; the Records Clerk will contact you as soon as it is available to pick up.

…apply for a concealed weapons permit?
To obtain a concealed weapons permit please contact the Police Department Administrative Secretary at (207) 725-6634 or download the form from this website, complete and drop it off at the Police Department.

…provide an anonymous tip?
If you would like to provide an anonymous tip about activities you have witnessed or are aware of please call (207) 725-6670 ext. 187. If you would like to submit a tip via email please send to

…register my bicycle?
If you would like to register your bicycle please bring information about the make/model/size and serial number as well as any distinguishing features to the Police Department. There is a brief form to complete and then the Communications Officer will provide you with a Brunswick Police Department registration sticker with a unique registration number. This can also be completed online and submitted to Community Police Officer Terry Goan who will provide you with the registration sticker.

…join the Good Morning Program?
You can obtain an application packet from the Brunswick Police Department or contact Communications Supervisor Sonia Moeller at (207) 725-4310.

…certify a private firing range?
An application can be obtained at the Brunswick Police Department or downloaded here. The application will be reviewed and a site visit scheduled to ensure safety before a permit is issued.