Patrol Division

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division of the Brunswick Police Department answers calls for service ranging from criminal matters, to traffic violations, to quality of life issues. Depending on the need and weather conditions, patrol may be done by motor vehicle, boat, foot or bicycle. When officers are not responding to calls for service (or writing the reports they generate), they patrol the community – alert for criminal, motor vehicle and town ordinance violations. Officers are also always looking for ways to interact positively with the community.

Our patrol division is divided into three squads, each of which is supervised by a lieutenant and sergeant. A unique aspect of our patrol territory is that it includes miles of coastline and hundreds of acres of productive clam flats. In order to service these areas, in addition to the three squads, we have a marine warden (and an assistant) to enforce the shellfish laws and ordinances and assist with water rescues.

Within the Patrol Division are four special units. Click a link to learn more:
Special Response Team
Mountain Bike Unit
Collision Reconstruction
Honor Guard

Lieutenant Tom Garrepy
Lieutenant Todd Ridlon
Lieutenant Lynne Doucette

Sergeant Paul Hansen
Sergeant Jonathan OConnor
Sergeant Ed Yurek


Officer Patrick Mahar
Officer Matthew Nicholson
Officer Jerod Verrill
Officer Brian Funke
Officer Dan Sylvain
Officer Terry Goan
Officer Dan Herbert
Officer Justin Dolci
Officer John Roma
Officer Aaron Bailey
Officer Will Brown
Officer Joseph Breton
Officer Charles Tompson
Officer Cory Iles