Graham Road Landfill Hours of Operation
8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday. 
CLOSED Sunday and Monday. You must arrive by 3:00 pm to be allowed access to the site.  Telephone at Landfill: 353-9781

Turn onto River Rd at Pleasant Street and head north for 4.3 miles. Turn right onto Lisbon Rd and go 0.9 miles. Turn right onto Graham Rd and the entrance is 0.4 miles in at the end of the road. There are blue and white directional signs at both turns.

Residential Costs at Landfill
With the new pay-by-the-bag collection program the costs for residents to dispose of rubbish at the Graham Road Landfill will be a minimum charge of $5.00 per load for any type of rubbish you bring to the landfill (actual charge based on weight of load at a cost of $80/ton). We would not expect or want residents to use the Brunswick bag for the rubbish they bring to the landfill. The cost of the bags helps defray the collection cost and does not cover the disposal fee.

Residential disposal rates for the Graham Road Landfill are as follows:

  • Household Rubbish: $80.00 per ton, $5.00 minimum charge
  • Metal/White Goods: $60.00 per ton, $3.00 minimum charge
  • Waste Wood: $60.00 per ton, $3.00 minimum charge
  • Asphalt Shingles: $60.00 per ton, $3.00 minimum charge
  • Sheetrock: $60.00 per ton, $3.00 minimum charge
  • Masonry: $60.00 per ton, $3.00 minimum charge
  • Brush/Trees: No Charge (current rate)

Residential Access to Landfill And Fee Schedule
Commercial Access to Landfill And Fee Schedule

Wood Waste

Wood waste brought to the Graham Road Landfill is accepted at the following disposal rates:

Material brought to the Facility by Brunswick residents from their personal residence:

  • Brush, tree limbs (no stumps) will be accepted at no charge.
  • Lumber, demo wood, wood furniture, cabinets, wood doors, etc. will be accepted at the rate of $60 per ton (3 cents per pound) with a $3.00 minimum charge.
  • Masonry (unreinforced), concrete blocks, bricks, etc. will be accepted at the rate of $60.00 per ton (3 cents per pound) with a $3.00 minimum charge.

Material brought to the Facility from Brunswick commercial or business operations:

  • Brush, tree limbs (no stumps) will be accepted at the rate of $30.00 per ton (1.5 cents per pound) with a $3.00 minimum charge.
  • Lumber, demo wood, wood furniture, cabinets, wood doors, etc. will be accepted at the rate of $60.00 per ton (3 cents per pound) with a $3.00 minimum charge.
  • Masonry (unreinforced), concrete blocks, bricks, etc. will be accepted at the rate of $60.00 per ton (3 cents per pound) with a $3.00 minimum charge.

The brush, waste wood and masonry will need to be separately unloaded in the new laydown area after first weighing in at the scalehouse. Pressure-treated wood must still be disposed of in the secure landfill so please be sure to separate PT wood from other lumber. If you bring multiple type items (for example trash, metal, wood waste and brush) expect to make multiple trips across the scale as each material will need to be weighed separately; please be sure to load your vehicle appropriately to allow unloading of each material independently.

Universal Waste

Universal waste is a hazardous waste that is widely generated by individuals, businesses, and hospitals – by almost anyone in fact. Universal wastes are certain batteries, cathode ray tubes, certain lamps, mercury devices, mercury thermostats, motor vehicle mercury switches and polychlorinated biphenyl ballasts. Because these items are products, they have not traditionally been recognized for their hazards and have typically been thrown in the trash. These wastes contain hazardous constituents and would fail hazardous waste criteria if they were tested. For example, most of these wastes contain heavy metals. When broken and disposed of in a dumpster or landfill, they release the metals into the environment through fugitive emissions.

State of Maine Universal Waste Regulations for Residents
Since 2005, the following items may not be disposed of in the trash or a landfill, and must be processed separately as Universal Waste at an approved facility:

  1. Rechargeable Batteries, including Nickel Cadmium, Metal Hydride, small sealed lead acid, Lithium, Mercuric Oxide, Zinc Air and Silver Oxide button batteries. Please note that alkaline batteries, most button batteries (excluding silver oxide and mercury oxide      button batteries which are classified as Universal Waste) and car batteries are NOT considered universal waste. Car batteries are accepted separately at our landfill and alkaline and button batteries may be put in with your regular trash.
  2. Certain lamps containing mercury or lead, including the common fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescent lights, high intensity discharge, neon, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide bulbs.
  3. Mercury devices including mercury thermometers, sphygmomanometers, and non-motor vehicle mercury switches.
  4. Mercury thermostats including temperature control devices, which contain mercury.
  5. Motor vehicle mercury switches, including hood and truck light switches and ABS switches.
  6. Totally enclosed non-leaking polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) ballasts.
  7. Cathode ray tubes, including video display components of televisions, computer monitors, and other display devices.

Please note that in January 2003 it became mandatory for industries, businesses, schools and municipalities to recycle all of the above items.

Brunswick’s Universal Waste Program for Residents
Presently Brunswick Public Works offers residents recycling for rechargeable batteries (Item 1 above) at drop-off boxes where a resident may place the batteries. The drop-off boxes are in several locations: Graham Road Landfill, Public Works, and the Curtis Memorial Library.

For fluorescent tubes (including compact fluorescent), CRT computer monitors and TVs (Items 2 and 7 above), residents must will bring these items (unbroken) to the Graham Road Landfill. They will be collected separately at no charge and stored for recycling; Public Works has a Universal Waste Shed that was provided to us through an MDEP grant. Once we have sufficient volumes we will bring a commercial recycler to the site to collect them.

Items 3 through 6 above should be treated as Household Hazardous Waste and should be brought to the fall residential Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day offered for Brunswick residents.

Used Motor Oil

Residential Drop-Off
Used motor oil is being accepted at the Graham Road Landfill during regular operating hours. The only Town site for used motor oil drop-off is the Graham Road Landfill.

Please bring your used motor oil to the landfill for recycling in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Residents may bring their used motor oil (motor oil only) to the Graham Road Landfill only during operating hours. We cannot accept oil from commercial sources.
  • The used motor oil will have to be inspected by the Gate Attendant before it can be accepted for recycling. Only used motor oil without contaminants will be accepted. We use a “sniffer” to check for the presence of volatile compounds; a positive reaction from the sniffer indicates the presence of gasoline or other solvents and the material will not be accepted.
  • All drop-offs will be recorded in a logbook and residents will be asked to provide their name, identification of the material, source, amount, and proof of residency, which may be a valid Residential Disposal Permit or driver’s license.
  • A resident may bring a maximum of five gallons per month and we ask that the oil not be in containers larger than five gallons in size.

Unacceptable Material
The following liquids are deemed “Unacceptable Material” and will not be accepted for disposal at Graham Road Landfill:

  • Gasoline
  • Paint Thinner/Turpentine/Solvent
  • Oil Based Paint
  • Motor Oil containing Gasoline or Antifreeze
  • Transmission fluid
  • Cooking oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Any liquid material that is clearly not oil

Residents should treat the above items as Household Hazardous Waste and should plan to bring them to the fall residential Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day for disposal.

Please remember motor oil is a hazardous waste and should never be put in the trash, poured down the drain or dumped on the ground. A single quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of water. Your participation and cooperation in complying with the above guidelines will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for helping make Brunswick a healthier and safer community!


The 2019 holidays observed by the Town of Brunswick are:

  • 1/1/2019, Tuesday, New Year’s Day
  • 1/21, Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 2/18, Monday, President’s Day
  • 4/15, Monday, Patriots Day
  • 5/27, Monday, Memorial Day
  • 7/4, Thursday, Independence Day
  • 9/2, Monday, Labor Day
  • 10/14, Monday, Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • 11/11, Monday, Veteran’s Day
  • 11/28, Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.
  • 11/29, Friday, Day After Thanksgiving.
  • 12/25, Wednesday, Christmas Day