Recycling & Curbside Trash

Recycling & Curbside Trash

Residential Recycling and Trash Collection Program

The Town of Brunswick’s single-stream curbside recycling program allows residents to mix all recyclable items together and put it curbside for weekly collection. No sorting or use of separate bins is required, everything goes in together!

Please don’t put your recyclables in plastic bags, use your blue bin or a similar type container (we have free “Recycle It” bumper stickers to give out so you can label alternate recycling containers). If you have a question about whether or not a certain item is recyclable please call Public Works at 725-6654.

Curbside Rubbish Collection Requirements

Please comply with all of the following requirements:

  • Use only special “Brunswick Bags” (see below FMI) for curbside household trash
  • Don’t overload your bags, maximum weight per bag: 35 lbs for 33 gallon bags and 20 lbs for 15 gallon bags
  • Each resident is limited to a maximum of 4 bags (33 gallon) curbside per week. If you put out more bags they will not be collected.
  • Have your material curbside by 7 a.m. on the day of collection.
  • Put your Brunswick trash bags in a trash can to prevent birds and animals from breaking open bags and scattering litter
  • If you have a problem or question regarding the curbside trash and recycling collection service you should call Public Works at 725-6654.   (Please do not contact Pine Tree or Casella directly.)


Trash Must be in Special “Brunswick Bags”

The curbside rubbish collection program requires all residential household waste to be placed in special “Brunswick Bags.” In addition to the Brunswick Hannaford and Shaw’s supermarkets, several other local retailers offer the bags for sale (see below). The bags come in two sizes, 33-gallon and 15-gallon, both with a drawstring. They are sold in rolls (in a clear plastic sleeve, not a box) for $10.00 –five 33-gallon bags or ten 15-gallon bags. Only rubbish placed in these special color and labeled bags will be collected. Waste not in an approved Brunswick bag or loose in rubbish cans will not be collected.

Don’t Get Green Tagged!
Use the Brunswick Bag!

If you don’t use the Brunswick bag your trash will be tagged and left curbside. Please do your part and use the approved bags. Thank you!

Stores Currently Selling Brunswick Bags

  • Hannaford – Brunswick, Maine St. (bags are at the registers, ask for them when you check out)
  • Hannaford – Topsham, 49 Topsham Fair Mall Rd, (bags are at the registers, ask for them when you check out)
  • Hammond Lumber, 18 Spring St.
  • Morning Glory Natural Foods, 60 Maine St.
  • Shaw’s – Brunswick, Merrymeeting Plaza, Bath Road

If you have any other questions please call Public Works at 725-6654

More Info on Rubbish Collection Requirements

  • You may still use your existing trash can (max size/weight 32 gallons/40 pounds) providing all rubbish put in the can is placed in Brunswick bags. Click here for more details on container size.
  • If you wish, you may use a regular trash bag and then put that bag inside a special Brunswick bag. You do not need to double-bag like this but several residents have asked us if it is okay to do this.
  • Each large bag (33 gallons) should contain no more than 35 pounds of waste. Each small bag (15 gallons) should contain no more that 20 pounds of waste.
  • Curbside collection remains only for weekly household trash. Appliances, carpet, furniture, bulky items, leaves, brush, remodeling debris, old computers, etc. must be brought to the landfill for disposal. Even if any such items do fit in a Brunswick bag, they will not be collected curbside. Residents are also still limited to putting curbside no more than four 32-gallon containers of rubbish per week.
  • If you are currently living in a condo complex that is serviced by the Town’s rubbish collector and the complex has containers (dumpsters) you will still need to put your rubbish in a Brunswick bag and then in the container.
  • The two Brunswick bag sizes are for the convenience of our residents; you may use either or both sizes as best suits your needs.
  • You may bring your rubbish to our landfill without buying the bags but you will be charged a disposal fee at the landfill (see cost changes on landfill page).
  • The Brunswick bags will only be available for purchase at local stores and the Town will not have any bags for sale at Town offices.
  • If you have an issue with the trash bags regarding a defect in quality we ask you to contact our bag manufacturer, Waste Zero, directly at 1-800-866-3954.
  • Universal Waste is not acceptable for rubbish collection or recycling. Universal Waste refers to any item containing mercury, such as TVs, computer monitors (CRT type), fluorescent light bulbs, mercury thermometers and thermostats containing a mercury vial. Universal waste is accepted at our landfill from Brunswick residents. Please keep universal waste items separate from other waste items and handle them carefully to avoid breakage.

Commercial Recycling Program

Businesses will need to deliver their recyclables to the Pine Tree Waste facility at 64 AJ Reno Road in West Bath (there IS a fee for this service!), or contract with a hauling vendor of their choice. Commercial users may not bring recycling items to Public Works or the Graham Road Landfill.

Recycling Tips

  • Recyclables all go in the blue box, no need to separate.
  • Do not put recyclables in the special Brunswick bags or put recyclables in any type of plastic bag (which are not recyclable). The special Brunswick bags are only for trash.
  • Stryofoam (extruded polystyrene) is not acceptable for recycling, even if it has a number 6 inside the triangular chasing arrow. Please do not include any styrofoam products with your recyclables (such as Dunkin Donut coffee cups, supermarket meat trays as well as the usual white formed styrofoam used in packing of appliances and electronics). If there are styrofoam items in your recycling mix, we will not be able to collect any of your recycling until you remove it. Styrofoam may be put in with your rubbish in the approved Brunswick bags.
  • Cardboard boxes must be flattened so they will fit in the truck hopper. Besides flattening large boxes we ask you to fold them so they are no more than 4 feet by 4 feet.
  • The recycling container (no bigger than 32 gallons) provided to all residents should weigh no more than 40 pounds when filled with recyclables. If you have more material to recycle, which we hope you will, we ask you to use additional containers but be sure the containers are not too large or exceed 40 pounds. If you don’t have a blue box at your residence you may come to Public Works during our regular hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm weekdays) and we will give you a blue box. We are only able to provide one blue box per household, but you may use other plastic containers (should not exceed 18-gallon size) or a trash cam provided it is clearly labeled as containing recycling.  We have free “Recycle It” stickers available at Town Hall, Public Works and the Graham Road Landfill, which should be applied to any additional containers to let the drivers know the container has recyclables and you want to save the container.
  • Recyclable items in plastic bags will not be collected, as the plastic bag is not recyclable.

Non-Recyclable Items

  • Plastic bags (all types) and any type of plastic film are not recyclable under our program. Several local supermarkets accept plastic grocery bags for recycling.
  • Driveway Sealer Containers are not recyclable due to the residue of sealer that remains in the container after use. Empty and dry driveway sealer containers must go in the trash after use of all product.  Please bring to Graham Road Landfill – not curbside.
  • Wood items of any type are not recyclable under our curbside program, including the small wood crates containing clementine oranges sold at the supermarkets. Small items may be put in your trash and wood items are accepted for recycling at the landfill (there is a disposal charge).
  • Dog and cat food bags are not recyclable. They contain a film liner that makes them unacceptable under our current program. Please put these bags in the trash.
  • Only metal cans are recyclable under our curbside program. If you have other metal items (appliances, car parts, curtain rods, metal lawn chairs, etc.) they can only be recycled at the landfill (there is a disposal charge).
  • Only plastic “containers” are recyclable under our curbside program. If you have plastic toys, plastic chairs or other plastic items they are not recyclable at this time. Please bring them to Graham Road Landfill. Only glass jars are recyclable under our program. If you have window glass, mirrors, dishes, etc., they will have to be disposed of at our landfill (disposal charge will apply).
  • Clothing items are not recyclable under our program. We recommend you give your clothing to Goodwill or charitable agency of your choice. Clothing may be disposed of at our landfill (disposal charge will apply).
  • Fluorescent Tubes (4 foot, 8 foot and circular) contain mercury and may not be put in either the recycling or trash. Residents may bring fluorescent tubes to the Graham Road Landfill and they will be accepted from residents at no charge. The tubes are set aside for recycling so please keep them separate from other items and handle them carefully so they do not break.
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) contain mercury and may not be put in either the recycling or trash. A few local stores will accept only the CFL bulbs for recycling (they don’t accept fluorescent tubes). For More Information visit the Efficiency Maine websitefor a complete listing of local stores in Maine that recycle CFLs. The following stores in Brunswick will accept Compact Fluorescent Bulbs from residents for recycling at no charge unless otherwise indicated:
    • Hammond Lumber, 18 Spring St.
    • Shift Sustainable Goods, 56 Maine St.
    • Wal-Mart, 15 Tibbetts Dr.
    • Gilman Electric, 323 Bath Rd (CFLs accepted at $0.65/ea.)
  • Batteries must be disposed of based on the type:
    • Rechargeable batteries must be recycled and not put in the trash. However, they must be disposed of at a designated Brunswick drop off box for rechargeable batteries; these are located at the landfill, Public Works and the library.
    • Flashlight batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt, alkaline or non-alkaline) may be put in the trash. Years ago these batteries contained mercury but that has long been discontinued in their manufacture and they may be safely put in the trash.
    • Button batteries are deemed hazardous and need to be safely stored and brought to the Town’s fall Household Hazardous Waste Collection program.
    • Special lithium ion non-rechargeable batteries (usually for digital cameras) are deemed hazardous and need to be safely stored and brought to the Town’s fall Household Hazardous Waste Collection program.