Town Charter/Ordinances

Town Charter/Ordinances

For an interactive, searchable version of the Town Charter and Municipal Code of Ordinances, click below. These ordinances are current as of August 1, 2017, and will be updated annually. Any amendments will be posted below in pdf format, so please check below for possible amendments to chapters you are reviewing.

Town of Brunswick Town Charter and Code Of Ordinances  (PLEASE CHECK FOR AMENDMENTS TO ORDINANCES BELOW TO ENSURE YOU ARE VIEWING THE MOST RECENT ORDINANCE)  For the Current Schedule of Master Fees for Code of Ordinance

The Brunswick Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map are not included in the interactive Code of Ordinances. You can access them here in pdf format:

Zoning Ordinance
Town of Brunswick Zoning Map

Map of  Black powder and shotgun only areas for hunting

PACE Ordinance

Excise Tax Exemption for Military


Lift Assist for emergency medical service response to assist lifting a person when the call from Institution (Adopted March 4, 2019)

Marijuana Licensing Ordinance (amended effective 3-4-19)

Homeless Shelter Licensing Ordinance (adopted/effective 4/8/19)


Property Tax Assistance Program Fund Ordinance (Adopted 12-03-18)


Special Events Ordinance (Effective 10-17-18, Adopted 9-17-18)

No parking on Section of Longfellow Ave and Jordan Ave (effective 9-5-18, adopted 8-6-18)

Pay per bag – trash bag increase (effective 7-1-18, adopted on 5-4-18)

Fees for Long Term Parking on Union Street (Adopted 5/4/18) Fee set at $2.00

Fee for Long Term Parking on Union Street (Adopted 8/7/17) 

Vendors on the Mall changes (Ch 10) Adopted on 3/5/18)

Weymouth Street section no parking (Adopted 11/6/17)

Land Care Ordinance – Pesticide Ban on Town Owned Property (Adopted 8/21/17)

Storm water Discharge Ordinance (Adopted 8/21/17)

Marine Activities (Chapter 11) Aquaculture and winterization of moorings (Adopted 7/16/18)

Shellfish Ordinance (Chapter 11) Student licenses (Adopted 12-03-18)

Shellfish Ordinance (Chapter 11) (Adopted 9/18/17)

Shellfish Ordinance (Chapter 11) regarding extra spots in lottery (Adopted 12/4/17)

Shellfish Ordinance (Chapter 11) regarding lottery date and late fees – adopted 12/18/17)

State of Maine Revised Statutes