Site Map

Site Map

This is an index of the Town’s Website Content


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(This index page is under construction so additional links are being added as we discover them)

250th Anniversary Park
Abatement Application (Deadline April 9, 2018)
Absentee voting
Account Billing and Collection
Agenda/Minutes for Village Review Board (2012 to 2014)
Agenda/Minutes for Village Review Board (2015 to current)
Agenda/Minutes – Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee 2014 & Before
Agenda/Minutes for Master Plan Implementation Committee
Agenda/Minutes for Zoning Board Appeals
Agendas for Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Comm
Agendas for Conservation Commission
Agendas for Staff Review Committee
Agendas/Minutes  Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee 2015-2017
Agendas/Minutes for Planning Board (2012 to 2016)
Agendas/Minutes for Planning Board (2017 – Current)
Alcohol Licensing
Androscoggin River Bicycle Path
Androscoggin River Bicycle Path
Animal Control – Police
Annual Budget
Annual Financial Reports
Application For Entrance (Driveway) Permit 
Application For Street Opening Permit 
Application Form to Operate Vehicle on a Posted Way 
Application to Connect to Town Storm Drain System
Assessing Dept
Assessor’s Notice
Athletic Fields and Facilities (Rec Dept)
ATV Registration (Information)
ATV’s Re-Register On line
Ballots – Samples for upcoming election
Ballots -Absentee
Banner Across Maine Street Info
Barnes Landing 
Base-Wide Land Use Control Implementation Plan – Former Naval Air Station
Basketball Leagues – High School (Rec. Dept)
Basketball Leagues (Adult)
Basketball Leagues (Youth)
Basketball Tournaments – Youth (Rec Dept)
Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park
Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park
Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park
Bazaar or Flea Market
Bias Incident Reporting
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Meeting Videos)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Comm (Agendas)
Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Plan, 2004
Bicycle Registration – Police
Bike Path (near Androscoggin River)
Bike Rodeo (Rec Dept)-See Rec Dept Page
Birth certified copy request info
Black powder and shotgun only areas for hunting map
Blind Exemption (Property Taxes)
Board and Committees to serve on (responsibilities/duties)
Board/Committee Vacancies List
Boat Launches (Rec Dept)
Boats Re-Register On line
Bowling Alleys, Billiards
Brunswick Dragons Sports (Meeting Videos)
Brunswick Historical Tax Rates (1967-current)
Brunswick Sewer District
Brunswick Sewer District (Meeting Videos)
Brunswick Town Center Zoning Map
Brunswick Town Wide Zoning Map
Brunswick Youth Soccer League (Rec Dept)
Brunswick-Topsham Water District
Building Permits
Burning Permits – Fire Dept
Business Equipment Reimbursement Program (BETR)
Business Equipment Tax Exemption (BETE)
Business Licenses
Business Resources & Incentives
Cable TV Committee (Meeting Videos)
Campaign Finance 
Capital Improvement Program
Car Registrations (General Information)
Carnival or Circus
Chamberlain Avenue Esplanade
Change of Use Permit
Charter (Town of Brunswick)
Chicken License
Citizen Complaint Resolution Process
Citizen Police Academy
Clam License information
Codes – Complaint Form
Codes Department
Coffin Pond (Summer – Rec Dept)
Coffin Pond Recreation Area
Coffin Pond Recreation Area
Coffin Pond Recreation Area
Coffin’s Ice Pond
Coffin’s Ice Pond
Collision Reconstruction -Police
Commercial Waste Haulers
Communications – Police
Community Forest & Tree Care Program (Rec Dept)
Community Garden (Rec Dept)
Community Policing
Complaint Report for Codes Enforcement
Comprehensive Plan
Concealed Firearm Permit Application – Police
Conditional, Flood, and Red Tide Closure Information
Conservation Commission
Conservation Commission – Agendas/Minutes
Conservation Commission (Meeting Videos)
Consumer Packaging Ordinance
Contact Us emails/phones #
Cooks Corner Design Standards
Cooks Corner Gateway
Cooks Corner Master Plan
Cox Pinnacle
Cox Pinnacle
Crime Mapping Tool
Crimmins Field
CSS Champions Downtown Walkability Report
Cumberland County Commissioners (Meeting Videos)
Death certified copy request info
Design Standards (Zoning)
Developmental Disability Registration Program – Police
Development-Review Application Forms
Dispatch – Police
Dog License
Dog Park (Rec Dept)
Dogs – Animal Control
Downtown Parking Study, 2001
Economic and Community Development Department
Edwards Field
Election – Past Results
Elections – General info
Electrical Permit
Elementary School Building Committee (Meeting Videos)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Employee Benefits
Exemption Application for Organizations and Institutions
Exemptions Relative to property taxes
Facebook Pages – Police Dept
Facebook Pages -Public Works
Facebook Pages -Recreation Dept
Farmers’ Market
Father and Daughter Valentine Day Dance (Rec Dept)
Finance Committee
Finance Committee
Finance Committee (Meeting Videos)
Finance Department (home page)
Finance Frequently Asked Questions
Financial Aid Application/Form (Rec Dept Only) (PDF)
Financial Documents
Financial Policies
Financial Presentations
Fire Department
Fire Dept – History
Fire Dept – Personnel
Fire Dept – Prevention Division
Fire Permits
Fire Station Task Force (Meeting Videos)
Firing Range Certification Application – Police
Food Licenses
Gateways & Beautification
General Assistance/Human Services
GIS for the Town
Going out of Business
Great Island Chain
Greater Commons
Greater Commons
Gym (Rec Center)
Halloween Parade and Activities (Rec Dept)
Hambleton Avenue Playground
Harbor Management 
High School Basketball League (Rec Dept)
Homestead Exemption Form
Homestead Exemptions (Property Taxes)
Honor Guard -Police
Household Information Sheet (PDF)
Human Resources
Human Services/General Assistance 
Hunting/Fishing License
Ice Rinks – outdoor seasonal (Rec Dept)
Indoor Facilities & Gymnasiums (Rec Dept)
Indoor Walking Track (Rec Center)
Internet Purchase Exchange Location – Police
Job Openings 
Junkyard/Auto Recycling/Auto Graveyard
Lamb Park
Landfill/Public Works Department Map 
Leagues – Recreation Dept
Lishness Park
Lishness Park
List of all Brunswick Recycling Items
Long Term Parking – Union Street
Longfellow Avenue Parking Permits
Longfellow Playground
Lower Mall
Mailbox – construction information
Maine Residents Property Tax Fairness Credit
Maine Street Flowers
Maine Street Station Park
Mall Management Plan 2000
Maquoit Bay Conservation Land
Maquoit Bay Conservation Land
Maquoit Landing (Wharton’s Point Landing)
Mare Brook Advisory Committee (Meeting Videos)
Mare Brook Watershed Assessment and Community Engagement Project
Marine Resources 
Marine Resources Committee
Marine Resources Committee (Meeting Videos)
Marine Resources/Harbor Management Dept
Marriage certified copy request info (after marriage)
Marriage License – how to get one
Master Plan Implementation Committee
Master Plan Implementation Committee – Agendas/Minutes
Master Plan Implementation Committee (Meeting Videos)
Master Plan on Downtown Brunswick and Outer Pleasant Street Corridor
Mere Point Boat Launch
Merrymeeting Dog Park
Mill Street Canoe Portage
Mill Street Canoe Portage
Mill Street Lot
Minutes – Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee 2014 & Before
Minutes for Conservation Commission
Minutes for Village Review Board (2012 to 2014)
Minutes for Village Review Board (2015 to current)
Minutes/Agenda for Master Plan Implementation Committee
Minutes/Agenda for Zoning Board of Appeals
Minutes/Agendas for Planning Board (2012 -2016)
Minutes/Agendas for Planning Board (2017 – Current)
Minutes/Agendas Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee 2015-2017
Mobile Home Declaration
Mooring Information
Motor Vehicle Registrations (Information)
Motor Vehicles -Re-register On-line (Rapid Renewal)
Mountain Bike Unit – Police
MRRA (Meeting Videos)
NASB Transportation Feasibility Study
Nathaniel Davis Park
Nathaniel Davis Park
New Meadows River Watershed Project
Nomination Papers 
Notary Services
Obstruction Permit Instructions and Application 
On-Line Registration for Recreation Programs
Open Space Management Plan (includes Recreation/Trails)
Ordinances of the Town 
Page Street Parking Permits
Parking Ban – Notification Sign Up (lower right)
Parking for Long Term – Those Using Buses or Trains
Parking Permits -Longfellow Ave/Page Street
Parking Ticket Appeal Form
Parking Tickets
Parks and Recreation – Facility Use Request Form (PDF)
Parks and Natural Areas
Parks and Recreation Dept
Parks and Recreation Facilities
Parks and Recreation Guide (PDF)
Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan (PDF)
Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan, 2002
PAT Medical Clearance Form – Police
PAT Standards – Police
Patrol Division – Police
Pejepscot Dam Recreation Area
Pejepscot Dam Recreation Area
Pejepscot Dam Recreation Area
Permits & Applications (Codes/Planning)
Personal Property Declaration
Personal Property Depreciation Schedule
Photos of Brunswick
Pickle Ball (Rec Center)
Pinball Machines/Amusement Devices
Pinette’s Landing
Planning and Development Dept
Planning Board – Agendas and Minutes (2012 to 2016)
Planning Board – Agendas and Minutes (2017-current)
Planning Board (Meeting Videos)
Planning Board 
Pleasant Street Gateway
Plumbing Permit
Police – Animal Control
Police – Collision Reconstruction
Police – Communications Division
Police – Concealed Firearm Permit Application 
Police – Honor Guard 
Police – Mountain Bike Unit
Police – PAT Medical Clearance Form 
Police – PAT Standards
Police – Patrol Division
Police – Public Records Request 
Police – Special Response Team
Police Dept
Police Explorer Post
Police -Firing Range Certification Application
Posted Road Information
Preschool Program – Recreation Dept
Prevention Division – Fire Dept
Princes Point Landing
Property Sales List
Property Tax Information
Property Tax Payments
Property Taxes – Exemption forms
Public Crime Mapping Tool
Public Forums (Meeting Videos)
Public Records Request – Police
Public Works Dept
Recreation Center – Schedule 
Recreation Center (Location)
Recreation Commission (Meeting Videos)
Recreation Dept – Financial Aid Application/Form (PDF)
Recreation Dept Refund Policy
Recreation Program – On line service
Recreation Programs list
Recreation, Trails and Open Space Management Plan
Recycling & Sustainability Committee (Meeting Videos)
Recycling and Sustainability Committee
Recycling Pick-Up Curbside
Refund Policy – Rec Dept only
Restoration Advisory Board (Meeting Videos)
Rivers & Coastal Waters Commission (Meeting Videos)
Rivers and Coastal Waters Commission
Roads – Posted Information
Route 24 Corridor Management Plan & Slideshow
Sawyer Park
Sawyer Park
Sawyer Park
School Board (Meeting Videos)
School Board  
School Department
Second Hand Dealers
Self-Guided Walking Tour: Trees of Downtown Brunswick (PDF)
Sellers of Prepared Food on Public Way
Senior Garden (Rec Dept)
Sewer District
Shellfish License (Marine Resource Site)
Shellfish licensing
Shoreline Erosion Management Project
Shoreline Erosion Working Group (Meeting Videos)
Shulman Park
Sidewalk Accessibility Policy
Sign Permit
Simpson’s Point Landing
Single Stream Bags – Ban Information
Skate and Ski Annual Sale (Rec Center)
Ski and Skate Annual Sale (Rec Center)
Snowmobile Registration (Information)
Snowmobiles Re-Register  On line
Soccer League (Youth)
Softball League – Adult (Rec Dept)
Softball League – Women (Rec Dept)
Special Activity and Commercial Use Permit (Coastal Water)
Special Amusement
Special Response Team -Police
Spring & McKeen Lot
Staff Contact Emails/Phones #
Staff Review Committee 
Staff Review Committee – Agenda
State and Federal Representatives
State Representatives/Senator
Stowe Field
Styrofoam Containers – Ban Information
Swimming – Coffin Pond (Rec Dept)
Swinging Bridge Park
Tax Maps
Tax Relief Programs for Property Taxes
Taxicabs/Taxi Drivers
Theater (Movie)
Towed Vehicle Information
Town & Safety Policies
Town Boards, Commissions and Committees Appointment Policy
Town Charter
Town Clerk’s Office
Town Commons
Town Commons
Town Commons Committee
Town Council
Town Council (Meeting Videos)
Town Council Agendas/Minutes
Town Council Policies
Town Council Policy on Correspondence addressed to the Council
Town Council Rules of Order and Procedure
Town Mall
Town Mall – use application and information
Town Manager’s Department
Town of Brunswick Zoning Ordinance
Track – Indoor (Rec Center)
Trash Bag Information
Trash Pick-Up Curbside
Tree Care Program (Rec Dept)
Tree Committee (Meeting Videos)
Tree Growth, Open Space, and Farmland Programs
Tree Walking Tour for Downtown (Rec Dept)
TV3 (Government and Public Access Channel)
Union Street Long Term Parking
Upper Mall
US Congress and Senate Representatives
Valentine Day Dance for Fathers & Daughters (Rec Dept)
Vehicles -Re-register On-line (Rapid Renewal)
Vehicle Registrations (General Information)
Veteran Exemptions (Property Taxes)
Village Review Board
Village Review Board (Meeting Videos)
Village Review Board- Agenda/Minutes (2012 to 2014)
Village Review Board- Agenda/Minutes (2015 to current)
Village Review Board Design Guidelines
Village Review District Map
Village Review Overlay Design Guidelines
Vital Records information
Voter Registration 
Voting Map (State Districts)
Voting Map (Town Districts)
Walking and Bike Path (near Androscoggin River)
Water District
Water Street Boat Landings
Watercraft Registration (Information)
Wildwood Field
Winter Services – Public Works
Youth Basketball Tournaments (Rec Dept)
Zoning Board of Appeals
Zoning Board of Appeals – Agendas/Minutes
Zoning Board of Appeals (Meeting Videos)
Zoning Map – Townwide 
Zoning Map -Town Center
Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee – Minutes/Agendas 2014 & Before
Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance & Design Standards
Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee
Zoning Ordinance Rewrite Committee -Agendas/Minutes 2015-2017
Zoning Rewrite Committee (Meeting Videos)