Property Sales

Property Sales Data

Each year’s report will download an Excel file that is automatically sorted in alphabetical order by street.  You may re-sort each report if you wish to search by a different method, such as, sale date, sale price, style, etc.  

2017 Sales

2018 Sales

2019 Sales

2020 Sales (Jan-Aug)

Notice to Buyers & Sellers

Registry of Deeds

Registered deeds for property within the Town of Brunswick may be found online at the Cumberland Country Registry of Deeds where you can search for records by owner name or book and page.  Visit the Cumberland County Registry of Deeds to start your search.

Mobile Home Owners

Please notify the assessing office immediately if you move, exchange, or sell a mobile home.  We are not automatically notified of these exchanges as we are with other real estate. Documentation, such as a bill of sale, can be mailed to our office or emailed to

Tax Proration

Tax bills are mailed to the record owner as of April 1 according to Maine State law.  The owner of property on April 1, is liable for the entire tax bill.  When property sells after the April 1 assessment date, it is common for buyers and sellers to prorate taxes.  This is a private matter that is not handled by the town and is typically handled at closings.

Mailing Addresses

Please verify the mailing address the town has on file is correct.  When property sells we use the mailing address listed on the real estate transfer tax form.  This is often the property owner’s previous address, however, we make no assumptions on which mailing address should be used.  To update your mailing address contact the assessing office at 207-725-6650.