Watercraft, Snowmobile & ATV Registration

Watercraft Registration

The Town of Brunswick serves as an agent for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) for the registration and re-registration of boats. Most boat owners are required to pay an annual excise tax to the Town prior to registration or re-registration. After paying the excise tax (unless it is not required), the registration process may be completed with the Town or with IFW. Boat registrations are for the period January 1 to December 31.

New Registration

For a new boat registration, please bring the bill of sale or paperwork from the dealer. This should include complete information on the boat:

  • Horsepower
  • Length
  • Maine Number if Previously Registered in Maine
  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Year

We will collect excise tax, registration fees (plus an extra $10 fee for a milfoil sticker if the boat will be in used in fresh water), and sales tax if a private sale or bought out of state. You will need a drivers license as identification to register.


Re-registrations and excise tax payment may be completed in person at the Tax Office, by mail, or online at the IFW website. Please note, boats owned by businesses cannot be renewed online.

What You Will Need

To complete the online transaction, please be sure you have the following registrant Information:

  • Boat Information, Including Serial Number or Registration Number
  • Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard, Visa and Discover)
  • Printer, if You Wish to Print a Copy of Your Temporary Registration

Watercraft Excise Tax

By Maine law, the owner of watercraft located in Maine, unless otherwise exempt, is liable to pay an annual excise tax to the municipality for the privilege of operating that watercraft on Maine waters. The excise tax is in lieu of all property taxes on watercraft. The excise tax is based on the age and length of the watercraft as well as the horsepower of its motor.

If the watercraft is owned by an individual resident of Maine, the excise tax shall be paid to the municipality where the owner resides. If the watercraft is owned by an individual who is a non-resident of Maine, or by a partnership or corporation, domestic or foreign, the excise tax shall be paid to the municipality where the watercraft is principally moored, docked or located or has its established base or operations.

Snowmobile & All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

There is no excise tax on snowmobiles or ATVs. New snowmobile and ATV registrations are processed directly with the Town. Snowmobile and ATV re-registrations can be processed with either IFW or the Town. Snowmobile and ATV registrations are for the period July 1 to June 30.

Online Re-registration of Snowmobiles or ATVs