Social Security

The Town of Brunswick participates in the Social Security System for all employees except Fire Department employees. This is a mandatory contribution per pay period.

Maine Public Employees Retirement System (Maine PERS)

Members of the Brunswick Fire Department are required to participate in the Maine Public Employees Retirement System. All Town of Brunswick employees have the option to enroll upon hire. Maine PERS offers a defined retirement benefit plan which includes long-term Disability Benefits if an eligible employee becomes disabled prior to retirement and Survivor Benefits which are paid to a designated beneficiary should the employee die before retirement.

Maine Public Employees Retirement System participants contribute 8% pre-tax toward the Plan. The Town of Brunswick makes contributions on each employee's behalf as determined by an annual actuarial basis. Employees must elect or decline participation in Maine PERS within seven days of hire. Due to Federal Law changes in 2010, a new employee may only have one opportunity to join the System (upon hire). A five-year vesting period is required to receive benefits.

Contact Information

Maine Public Employees Retirement System (Maine PERS)
46 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0046
Phone: 207-512-3100
Toll Free Phone: 800-451-9800

ICMA RC 457 Plan/ING/AETNA 457 Deferred Compensation Plans

The Town of Brunswick offers two deferred compensation plans that enable an employee to save and invest funds for retirement with taxes deferred until the assets are withdrawn. All earnings accumulate tax-deferred. Both deferred compensation plans can be initiated, increased, decreased, stopped or restarted as often as an employee may wish without fees or penalties. Should an employee leave the Town of Brunswick, both plans are portable and can be transferred, consolidated or remain in place.

The Town of Brunswick encourages retirement saving by employees. When an employee participates in a 457 Plan instead of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (Maine PERS), the Town will contribute two times the employee contribution to a maximum of 6%. If an employee chooses to participate in both Maine PERS and a 457 Plan, the Town will not contribute to the 457 Plan.