Community Forest & Tree Care

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the services provided by our Community Forest and Tree Care Program, please contact the Town Arborist at 725-6656.

Public Tree Program

The Public Tree Program provides for the management and care of the Town's street and park trees. The Parks Department works to maintain and improve Brunswick's community trees through preventative maintenance pruning, planting of new trees, care of existing trees, and removal of tree hazards.

Be sure to check out our Self-Guided Walking Tour: Trees of Downtown Brunswick (PDF)!

Tree Pruning & Tree Removal

The Town Arborist makes periodic inspections of public trees along Town-maintained streets and in public parks. Pruning and removal work is scheduled based upon these inspections, as well as reported public tree concerns. Although some ground level and low-level tree work is performed by Parks maintenance personnel, most aerial pruning and removal work is performed by tree care companies contracted by the Town.

The Town of Brunswick strives to maintain public safety in municipal parks and streets from potentially hazardous trees. The Parks and Recreation Department will strive to eliminate, in a timely fashion, any tree deemed hazardous.

Tree Planting

The Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department has implemented the planting of more than 370 trees since 1999 in various street and park locations throughout Brunswick. Over 200 of these trees were funded by grants from Project Canopy and the Maine Forest Service, and by donations from other sources.

In its selections of trees, the Parks and Recreation Department strives to plant and maintain a diverse mix of tree species. This diversity will bolster the resilience of Brunswick's public trees if faced with insect or disease outbreaks.