Animal Control

Heather Brown, our animal control officer, enforces both state laws and town ordinances with regards to animal matters, issuing warnings and summonses, and preparing court cases when necessary. Her responsibilities include ensuring all dogs are licensed and all dogs and cats are current on their rabies vaccine. 

Common complaints are dogs running at large, nuisance barking, dog bites and lost, found or sick animals. Less commonly, she is sometimes called to assist with loose farm animals. In the slideshow below, ACO Brown and Ptl. Kerry Wolongevicz teamed up to catch some loose pigs. 

ACO Brown's role with wildlife if limited, but she responds to calls of suspected rabies and is willing to discuss a nuisance animal problem with residents and make referrals to game wardens or animal damage control agents when appropriate.

The Brunswick and Freeport Police Departments share the animal position.

Officers Try to Catch Pig