The Brunswick Police Department currently employs nine full-time communications officers and one Communications Supervisor. We work 10-hour rotating shifts to provide 24-hour service, 365 days a year.


The Communications Division handles all E911 and dispatching needs for the towns of Freeport and Brunswick as well as dispatch services for Bustins Island Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). During the year 2021, the Communications Division handled almost 40,000 calls for service along with thousands of routine requests for information, transfers to other department members, and referrals to other agencies.

Communication officers are the "silent partners" of emergency service responders. In addition to handling both non-emergency and emergency requests including E911, they operate multi-channel radios, make computer entries, and send and receive information to be disseminated over the national law enforcement system teletype. Decisions and actions must be made with speed and accuracy; members of the Communications Division perform these services with professionalism and pride, continuing to be the "vital link" from the moment a phone call is made until the emergency services officer clears the scene.


Attending ongoing training for computer applications, handling emergency fire and police calls, suicidal callers, domestic violence, and E-911 operations, all Communications officers are also trained as Emergency Medical Dispatchers and provide pre-arrival medical instructions such as CPR over the phone.

Position Growth

Nationwide, the need for qualified, well-trained personnel to handle emergency calls and perform other critical Communications services has grown over the years.