Developmental Disability Registration Program

In an effort to better serve those members of the Brunswick community with developmental disabilities, CO Joseph Westrich and Ptl. Whitney Burns co-ordinate a registration program. Family members and caregivers can register individuals with developmental disabilities who either reside in Brunswick, attend school in town, work in town, or who receive services at a day program in town.

The registration form (PDF) collects information about the tendencies and triggers of the individual and any other information of which caregiver thinks the police department should be aware. The information is added to the police department's master name records. In the event that a registered individual needs emergency services, the police, fire, and emergency medical service responders will have access to the information 24 hours a day. The information will allow us to provide better service.


In order to register an individual for the program, a family member or caregiver should download this registration form (PDF). Once the form is complete, please email CO Joseph Westrich or Ptl. Whitney Burns or call CO Westrich at 207-721-5331 or Ptl. Burns at 207-721-4319 to schedule an intake appointment.  At the meeting, they will review the registration form, and meet and take a photograph of the registrant. Officers Westrich and Burns may also be contacted if you have any questions about the program.