Public Crime Mapping Tool

The public crime mapping tool can be used to view a graphical representation of the police activity in Brunswick. Location information from approved arrest and incident reports is provided to BAIR Analytics and their computers place the locations of the offenses on a Google map. To get started, select the "Continue" button in the middle of the map of the United States. The public crime mapping tool allows you to enter a Brunswick address and then select the time period you want covered and the types of offenses you want to see placed on the map.

A Few Notes

  • Sex offenses are not displayed at the actual location of the offense for privacy reasons. The computer generates a random location for sex offenses. Another option would have been to refrain from displaying sex offenses at all, but we think it is important for people to understand that they happen in our community, we just don’t want to provide even the approximate location to protect the privacy of the victim.
  • Data will be uploaded weekly to BAIR Analytics. The earliest historical data is currently April 14, 2012.

If you have any questions about using the tool, feel free to contact Commander Martin Rinaldi at 207-721-4324.