Used Motor Oil

Residential Drop-Off

Used motor oil is being accepted at the Graham Road Landfill during regular operating hours. The only Town site for used motor oil drop-off is the Graham Road Landfill.

Please bring your used motor oil to the landfill for recycling in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Residents may bring their used motor oil (motor oil only) to the Graham Road Landfill only during operating hours. We cannot accept oil from commercial sources.
  • The used motor oil will have to be inspected by the Gate Attendant before it can be accepted for recycling. Only used motor oil without contaminants will be accepted. We use a "sniffer" to check for the presence of volatile compounds; a positive reaction from the sniffer indicates the presence of gasoline or other solvents and the material will not be accepted.
  • All drop-offs will be recorded in a logbook and residents will be asked to provide their name, identification of the material, source, amount, and proof of residency, which may be a valid Residential Disposal Permit or driver's license.
  • A resident may bring a maximum of five gallons per month and we ask that the oil not be in containers larger than five gallons in size.