Recycling & Trash

The town offers free weekly pick-up of trash and recyclables to all residents. Your collection day is based on where your neighborhood is located. Collection routes begin at 7:00 a.m. and are typically completed by 3:00 p.m., except in special circumstances. 

Curbside Collection of Residential Recyclables

The Town of Brunswick’s single-stream curbside recycling program allows residents to mix all recyclable items together in a single bin and leave it curbside. No sorting or use of separate bins is required, everything goes in together! 


Please don’t put your recyclables in plastic film bags, use your blue box or a similar type container (we have free "Recycle It" bumper stickers to give out so you can label alternate recycling containers). 

Curbside Collection of Household Trash 

Please comply with the following requirements:

  • Only use the Pay-As-You-Throw blue bags for your household trash.
  • Each resident is limited to a maximum of 4 bags (33 gallon) curbside per week. If you put out more bags they will not be collected.
  • Please put your trash bags in a trash can to prevent birds and animals from breaking open bags and scattering litter.

Where to Purchase Your Blue Bags

  • Hannaford - Maine Street, and 49 Topsham Fair Mall Road (Topsham)
  • Hammond Lumber - 18 Spring Street
  • Morning Glory Natural Foods - 60 Maine Street
  • Shaw’s - Merrymeeting Plaza, Bath Road