Recycling & Trash

Curbside Collection of Residential Recyclables and Trash

The Town of Brunswick offers free weekly collection of trash and recyclables to all residents. Your collection day is based on your street location. All trash and recycling must be placed curbside by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. Please do not be fooled into thinking that your collection time is the same each week. It can change at any time based on a number of factors, including weather, traffic, road construction, and truck problems.


Brunswick's single-stream curbside recycling program allows residents to mix all recyclable items together in a single bin and leave it curbside. No sorting or use of separate bins is required, everything goes in together! 



Only household trash that is prepared in the town's Pay-As-You-Throw blue bags will be collected. No exceptions. Each resident is limited to a maximum of four (4) 33-gallon trash bags collected per week.

The Pay-As-You-Throw blue bags come in 15-gallon and 33-gallon sizes and rolls of each can be purchased at:
  • Hannaford - 35 Elm Street, 8 Gurnet Road (Cook's Corner), and 49 Topsham Fair Mall Road (Topsham) 
  • Hammond Lumber - 18 Spring Street
  • Morning Glory Natural Foods - 60 Maine Street
  • Shaw’s - Merrymeeting Plaza, Bath Road

Additional Disposal Option

Trash and/or recyclables that cannot be placed for curbside collection (e.g. over-sized items, demo debris, too many bags, on vacation and missed your curbside collection, etc.) can be brought to the Casella Waste transfer station in West Bath (64 Arthur J. Reno Road, off Bath Road). This facility accepts trash, recycling, construction and demolition debris, electronic waste, and universal waste. No permit is necessary, but you will be charged a fee based on the type and weight of your material(s). Both residents and businesses may use this facility.

Casella Waste Transfer Station - Price Sheet (January 2023)