Posted Road Information

Posted Roads

Roads Posted for Heavy Loads

We annually post roads to protect them from heavy truck (23,000 GVW) traffic during early spring conditions when the roadbed first begins to thaw out and the base remains saturated with water and unable to support the wheel loads. Prohibiting heavy loads is required to prevent significant damage to the road pavement. Trucks that exceed 23,000 GVW are not allowed to travel along these posted roads until the posting period has ended (typically mid-April).

Town of Brunswick - Rules for Temporary Closing of Ways (1993)

The following roads will be posted February 21 - March 31, 2023.  

Map of Posted Roads - February 2023 

Adams Rd
Adelard Dr
Alexander Rd
Androscoggin St
Arrowhead Dr
Bailey Ln
Bay Bridge Rd
Bayside Ln
Beacon Drive
Blue Heron Rd
Board Rd
Brackett Rd
Bridge Rd
Brookview Dr
Bull Rock Rd
Bunganuc Rd
Casco Rd
Church Rd (south of Greenwood Rd)
Collinsbrook Rd
Coombs Rd
Cornerstone Dr
Crestview Ln
Cypress Ln
Deerfield Dr
Driscoll St
Durham Rd
Evergreen Dr
Fairway Dr
Fox Run Dr
Given Shipyard Rd
Glover St
Graham Rd
Grant Rd
Great Gully Dr
Greenleaf St
Grover Ln
Hacker Rd
Harding Rd
Haywood Ln
Highland Rd (south of Labbe & Sons)
Hillside Rd
Iroquois Cir
Josephine Ln
Julia's Way
Kimberley Cir
Kingfisher Dr
Lamb Farm Rd
Larrabee Farm Rd
Ledgewood Dr
Lisbon Rd
Lunt Rd
Madeline Cir
Maquoit Rd
McIntosh St
Meadow Rd
Mere Point Rd (south of Middle Bay Rd)
Meredith Dr
Merryman Ln
Middle Bay Rd
Miranda St
Monarch Ct
Moody Rd
Nancy Dr
Oak Ridge Rd
Ocean Dr
Old Bath Rd (north of Farley Rd)
Old Penneville Rd
Otis Cir
Parson Farm Rd
Patricia Rd
Pennell Way
Penneville Rd
Peterson Ln
Pierce Ln
Pleasant Hill Rd
Princes Point Rd
Purinton Rd
Quarry Rd
Randall Cir
Raymond Rd
Remington Way
Rich Rd
River Rd
Rocky Hill Dr
Rossmore Rd
Sandy Ridge Rd
Simpson Point Rd
Stimpson St
Storer Rd
Thomas Point Rd
View St
Windward Walk
Wood Pond Rd
Woodside Rd
Woodward Point Rd

Penalties & Exemptions

Any violation of the rules is a traffic infraction punishable by a fine of not less than $250. Certain vehicles, such as public utility, emergency, school buses, heating fuel trucks (operating in accordance with a permit issued by the Maine Department of Transportation) are exempt, and for any other heavy vehicle, there is a permit process for requesting special permission to travel on these roads. 

Should you require it, you may apply for a temporary permit to operate a vehicle on a posted way.