Mooring Registrations, Forms, and Information 

Mooring privileges in the Town of Brunswick shall be assigned pursuant to 38 M.R.S.A. §§ 3 and 11. Consequently, mooring assignments are available to individuals who are the owners or masters of a watercraft and who own shore rights to a parcel of land, which is defined as a lot that satisfies applicable minimal buildable lot size requirements and includes at least 100 feet of shoreline frontage. Notwithstanding the foregoing, mooring assignments are also available to individuals who, prior to January 1, 1987, owned shore rights of at least 100 feet of frontage regardless of the size of the lot. Only one mooring may be assigned to any shorefront parcel of land under this privilege.


Resident: $75.00
Non-Resident: $125.00

Application process is under review and will be available in 2024.