Traffic Alerts

Traffic Updates for the Week of July 26th

Cedar Street Parking Lot – The contractor has completed paving the first layer of asphalt in the parking area, and will begin working prepping the site for the installation of curb and sidewalks. 


Cedar Street Waterline and Reconstruction – The Brunswick Topsham Water District will be replacing the watermain on Cedar Street. The contractor will continue to install the temporary watermain and begin replacing the watermain.  During working hours the roadway will be closed to through traffic, local traffic will be allowed to enter from both Spring Street and Union Street.


Central Fire Station – The contractor will continue work associated with the construction of the new Fire Station.  At times temporary lane or road closures of Webster Street and Turner Street may be necessary to complete utility connections.


East Brunswick Overlay Contract – The town will be overlaying portions of Board Road, Oak Street (not in east Brunswick), Meadow Road, Pennell Way, Pennellville Road, and Woodward Point Road, this season.  The contractor will begin reclaiming portions of Board Road, Meadow Road, and  Woodward Point Road next week.  The contractor is scheduled to place binder pavement in the reclaimed areas following the completion of that work, and begin shimming and overlaying the roadways in the project area.  This work is weather dependent and may be delayed due to rain.


Graham Road Landfill Closure – The contractor is continuing to make great progress in the landfill closure.  The work will be confined to the Town property, however, during the early stages of the construction there may be an increase in the odor associated with the landfill as crews work to grade the landfill and install the permanent cover system, these odor should lessen as construction progresses through the spring.  The closure will require bringing in a large quantity of supplies and materials to the landfill and residents may observe an increase in truck traffic on Graham Road, Lisbon Road, and River Road.  Due to recent inclement weather the contractor will be working this weekend to place the liner over the landfill.  Working hours are anticipated to be 7:00AM to 3:00 PM, the processing facility will remain open during its regular hours during this work.


Pleasant Street (#74 to Maine Street)  –The contractor will be upgrading the existing sidewalk ramps this week, surface paving is tentatively scheduled for next week, however, the forecast inclement weather may require the paving to be rescheduled.


Upcoming Projects:



Abijah and Hawthorne Street Watermain Replacement -  The Brunswick Topsham Water District will be replacing the watermain on Abijah and Hawthorne Streets.  Following the completion of the watermain the Town will overlay the roadways (Tentatively starting in August).

As always construction is weather dependent and subject to many variables, updates will be provided as they become available.