Traffic Alerts

Good Morning – Temperatures are beginning to warm up and spring is in the air and that means the Maine state flower the traffic cone will soon start sprouting up all over Town.  As in years past the Engineering Department will provide traffic alerts on municipal projects and will share any available information on State, private, and utility projects.  If you have information you would like posted related to your projects please reach out and we will be happy to include the information in our weekly alerts. Have a wonderful weekend and please drive safe! 


Traffic Updates for the Week of May 10th

Cedar Street – The contractor has completed paving the first layer of asphalt in the parking area, and will begin working prepping the site for the installation of curb and sidewalks.  

Graham Road Landfill Closure – The contractor is continuing to make great progress in the landfill closure. The work will be confined to the Town property, however, during the early stages of the construction there may be an increase in the odor associated with the landfill as crews work to grade the landfill and install the permanent cover system, these odor should lessen as construction progresses through the spring. The closure will require bringing in a large quantity of supplies and materials to the landfill and residents may observe an increase in truck traffic on Graham Road, Lisbon Road, and River Road.

Simpson Point Road – As part of the recently approved roadway widening the Public Works Department will be starting the work associated with the widening. The paving of the roadway including the widened area is anticipated to take place later this month.

As always construction is weather dependent and subject to many variables, updates will be provided as they become available.