Sustainability Committee


Sustainability encompasses a balance of environmental stewardship, social equity, and economic vitality to meet the needs of current generations while ensuring that future generations have a strong foundation to achieve a more sustainable community.

To ensure that a sustainable present and future is possible, the Committee shall support the Climate Action Task Force in their development of a Climate Action Plan and advise on the implementation of the proposed action and recommendations of the Plan. The Committee will also assist in the review of the management and reduction of municipal solid waste, to include making recommendations for the improvement or enhancement of the Town’s recycling programs.


Nine (9) members will be residents of the Town of Brunswick, in appointing members to the Committee, the Town Council shall endeavor to appoint candidates with a diversity of experiences and backgrounds. One (1) non-voting member will be appointed by the Town Council Chair from members of the Town Council.

Members shall serve a term of three (3) years. Terms shall be staggered to the extent practical. A full term is considered to be a term lasting three (3) full years; an appointment to the Committee in mid-year, to fill a vacancy, is not a full term.

 The Committee will select a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.


  • Poppy Arford
  • David Costello
  • Shelly Raymond, Secretary
  • Tom Rumpf, Chair
  • Karen Topp
  • Stephen Wood
  • Dieuwke Zolas
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Jaime Ecker, Town Council Representative

Meeting Schedule

The Committee will meet monthly on a schedule to be determined by the Committee. At its first meeting of the year, the Committee will set the schedule for the year and provide it to the Town Clerk.

  • 4th Tuesday of every month
  • 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
  • Town Hall Council Chambers
    85 Union Street
    Brunswick, ME 04011

Committee Responsibilities 

  1. Collaborate with other Town committees to make recommendations to the Town Council regarding actions that will implement the Climate Action Plan’s recommendations related to the community vulnerability assessment, including the impacts associated with greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
  2. Make recommendations to the Town Council regarding actions that will implement the Climate Action Plan’s recommendations on increasing the use of clean, renewable energy throughout Brunswick, including the Town and School Department’s facilities and government operations, as determined in the Town’s Climate Action Plan.
  3. Coordinate with other related committees to develop and promote public education initiatives to raise awareness and understanding and inspire action within the community to take action on all of the recommendations of the Climate Action Plan in order to meet the need for climate change mitigation, reduce solid waste and increase recycling, and attain sustainable living throughout the Town of Brunswick.
  4. Study and make recommendations to the Town Council for the sustainable management of Brunswick’s solid waste in conformance with Maine’s Solid Waste Hierarchy; this would include measures for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and public education. 

In the conduct of its work and the development of its implementation recommendations, the Committee shall consider:

  • Efficiency and economic sustainability
  • Environmental and public health concerns
  • The needs of the citizens, businesses, and other institutions of Brunswick.
  • The essential value of making information and education readily available to the diverse communities in Brunswick about these issues.
  • Brunswick’s Comprehensive Plan, the Climate Action Plan, as well as other duly adopted policies, resolutions, and plans of the Town of Brunswick.

Committee Staff

Jay Astle, Assistant Town Manager

Annual Reporting

The Sustainability Committee will present to the Town Council on an annual basis.

Next Scheduled Reporting: January 22, 2024

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following Committee approval.
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Committee Charge

The [Recycling &] Sustainability Committee was established by the Town Council in April 2007. View the Sustainability Committee Charge.