Winter Activities

The Brunswick Parks & Recreation Department maintains two locations for Cross Country Skiing and three ice skating locations that we create and maintain ice.  This page will provide you with facility information and conditions of those facilities and trails.

Effective Sunday,  December 3rd  the parking lot at the Mere Creek Golf Course will be open to the public seeking to use the groomed trails on the course and Kate Furbish West property.

Cross Country Ski Trails

KFP-WEST trail map Ski map 11-2-21 main mapKate Furbish Trails - West

Current Status: 2/16  2 inches of snow fell last night,  get out and ski before it is gone again!!!   Lighter totals are under trees, on hillsides and on heavy tree covered trails.  Use Caution. 

Grooming-     Trails Groomed-  no grooming at this time, the snow is thin and powdery,  grooming will ruin the ability to ski on the trails.  

Golf course-   Fair   2 inches of new snow,  on the course hillsides and under trees there will be less, use caution in those areas. 

Trails  Fair-  2 inches are most likely less on the trails, especially on the heavy tree covered trails, trail debris and water will be present. Use Caution.  

Town Merriconeag  and Golf Course parking lots are now available for parking. 

KFP EAST trail map Ski  map 11-3-22  main mapKate Furbish Trails-East

Current Status: 2/16 -  2 inches of new snow fell overnight,  get out and ski before it is gone!!

 Grooming -   Trails Groomed-  no grooming at this time, the snow is powdery, and thinner in areas.  grooming will ruin the ability to ski on the trails.  

Trails-  Fair-   2 inches in open areas on the trails, with less in heavy tree covered ones.  under trees and on hillsides will also have less snow, use caution.  

Ice Skating Facilities

Lower Mall Rink

Current Status: CLOSED 


Lishness Hockey Rink

Current Status:  Open

2/16-    Ice is in good shape for skating, we will be removing the snow off of the ice and continue to make ice this afternoon.  we will continue to make ice for as long as the weather allows.  Some areas along the boards where the sun hits the longest will be thin of ice,  we have placed cones out to mark the those locations. 

Ice Rinks Dec 2007 003


Coffin Pond Rink

Current Status: CLOSED

coffin pond ice rink cropped