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  1. Importance of Addressing

In 1988, Maine voters approved the statewide deployment of Enhanced 9-1-1 service. This improved emergency communication system automatically displays the address of a caller at an emergency call answering center.  If a caller is hysterical, becomes unconscious, or hangs up, the answering center will know where to send help.  This is also true if the caller does not speak English or is unfamiliar with their location, such as an out-of-state visitor, or even a resident, might be.  

  1. Important Forms and Records
  • Addressing Ordinance: read Chapter 14 Article 2 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances outlining the requirements of the street numbering and naming system in the Town of Brunswick.
  • Brunswick Street Map: view the Town's indexed street map displaying all roads within he Town of Brunswick as well as important life safety structures, such as hospitals, fire stations, and police stations.
  • Street Name Application: use this form to apply for a street name.  All roads or easements that provide access to two or more structures must be named.
  • Street Address Application: use this form to apply for a street address.  Every structure shall have a permanent and unique address that clearly identifies where a property is physically located.  Multi-tenant buildings will have one primary number with an apartment or suite number.