K-9 Unit

Our K-9 handlers undergo a lengthy training course with their partners before they are sent to patrol.  K-9’s Brock, a German Shepherd, and Jack, a Dutch Shepherd, are always eager to work.  The usual function of the Police K-9 is to assist police officers in the performance of their wide range of duties.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Locating, detaining, or apprehending suspect(s) who are resisting or evading arrest when an officer reasonably believes that this suspect(s) have been involved in criminal activity, based upon the facts present to the officers at the time.
  • Locating evidence that is believed to be of value in the investigation of a crime or incident believed to be a crime.
  • Searching an area, building, or any type of structure or vehicle where it is believed that a crime may have been committed.
  • Investigation of crime or possible crime.
  • The defense of the canine handler, any officer, or any other person.

The K-9 Unit is utilized every day, assisting patrol and other specialized units with crimes in progress, warrants, building searches, locating violent and combative suspects, locating evidence, community outreach, high-risk vehicle stops, and narcotic searches.