Training and Academy Life

Receiving an offer of employment is not immediately accompanied by a badge, uniform, and set of keys to your new cruiser. Completion of an academy and field training program will be your final hurdles to becoming a full-fledged officer.

After receiving your offer of employment, officers will be sent to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (BLETP). Officers will attend this 18 week academy which ranges from classroom, physical fitness, Mechanics of Arrest, Restraint, and Control, scenario based training, and much more. 

After completion of the BLETP, officers will return to the department to complete their field training program. Brunswick Police Department follows the San Jose Model for police training and a typical officer completes field training in 14 weeks through several phases. Officers that successfully complete both the BLETP and the field training program begin to patrol on a probationary status. Officers will be on their probationary period until a year after their academy graduation date.