Commercial Shellfish Licenses


§ December 15th, Friday (third Friday of December) 

Intents become available (no sooner than the third Friday in December).


§ February 15th, Thursday  Conservation points must be completed or purchased.


§ March 8th, Friday (second Friday of March) 

Last day to file Notice of Intent Application with the Town ClerkMust be delivered in person with satisfactory ID showing current residence address.  If different address from previous year, must submit two forms of ID with same residence address.  


**If an applicant misses the deadline, they can file an intent until the 3rd Friday in March, March 15th, 2024, by paying a late fee of $600, or $400 for a bushel license.


§ April 3rd, Wednesday (first Wednesday of April) 

Licenses on sale for those eligible to receive one. You must purchase in person unless submitting a notarized statement, listing up to three others who may pick up, that has been filed with the Town Clerk prior to pick up.   


License Fee: Resident: $500  Non Resident: $750  Bushel: $225


§ April 18th, Thursday (10th business day after 1st Wednesday in April) 

Last day to purchase licenses at the Clerk’s Office

**If an applicant misses the deadline, they can purchase the license until the fifth business day following this date, until Thursday, April 25th, 2024, by paying a late fee of $600.


§ April 26th, (last Friday in April)  

If necessary, a lottery will be held at 9:00AM.  For those drawn, licenses will be available April 26th and Monday, April 29th. You will NOT be notified; it is your responsibility to call for the lottery results, (207) 725-6658.


§ April 29th, Monday (end of first business day following lottery) 

Last day to purchase license if drawn in lottery.  


If license(s) are not picked up by the end of business on Monday, April 29th, the next person(s) on the list will be eligible to pick up the remaining license(s) on Tuesday, April 30th and Wednesday, May 1st.  This process continues at two day intervals until all available licenses have been sold.  


You will NOT be notified; it’s YOUR responsibility to call to see if any licenses were not picked up.



2023 Conservation Cleanup Dates & Times

Sunday, June 11th11-2 p.m. Wharton Point
Sunday, July 9th9-12 p.m. Middle Bay
Sunday, August 6th8-11 a.m. Thomas Point Beach/Bay
Sunday, September 24th11-2 p.m. Sawyer Park

2023/24 License Allocations

57 Resident Commercial Licenses
6 Non-Resident Commercial Licenses
15 Resident Student Licenses
2 Non-Resident Student Licenses
Unlimited Resident Recreational Licenses
10% Non-Resident Recreational Licenses (1 per 10 residents)
Unlimited One Day Licenses
2 Bushel Licenses

Commercial License Documents