Captain Fitzgerald & Former Maine Gravel Committee

Former Maine Gravel Services & Captain William Fitzgerald Recreation & Conservation Area Master Plan Committee


In 2019 the Town of Brunswick accepted a donation of land from Maine Gravel Services Inc., to be used for public recreation. This 163.4-acre parcel is adjacent to the 66-acre Captain William Fitzgerald USN Recreation & Conservation Area which is located off Old Bath Road in East Brunswick. 

 Previously, the Town Council authorized the establishment of a committee to produce a master development and management plan for the Fitzgerald property. Since its acceptance there have been several changes in terms of other properties that have been conveyed to the town for recreational use that make it appropriate to reevaluate the development plan for certain future facilities as articulated in the Fitzgerald plan. 

 As a result, the Town Council established a new committee whose job is to review the Fitzgerald plan and to develop a new plan that would also include the former Maine Gravel Service Inc. land. 


The Committee shall be comprised of the following nine (9) members:

  • Two (2) members of the Town Council as appointed by the Council Chair.
  • Two (2) members of the Recreation Commission.
  • Two (2) members of the Conservation Commission
  • Three (3) members of the public as appointed by the Town Council, from the recommendations of the Appointments Committee.


  • Emily Baisden
  • Adam Caron
  • Scheherazade Mason
  • Elizabeth Schmidt
  • Eben Sypitkowski
  • Nat Shed, Council Representative
  • Dave Watson, Council Representative

Meeting Schedule

Has yet to be determined as of October 2023

Committee Responsibilities

  • Committee’s Scope of Work. At a minimum, the Committee shall explore the following,
  • Research the historical uses associated with the land.
  • Determine what types of recreational uses are appropriate for the property.
  • Produce a preliminary site plan for future recreational facilities.
  • Develop a corresponding capital construction cost estimate for the facilities.
  • Determine operations and maintenance costs necessary to support the facilities.
  • Perform an assessment of the existing habitat on the former Maine Gravel Services site.
  • Recommend an ecological management plan for those portions of the property featuring high value habitat.
  • Host two community wide public forums to inform citizens of the master planning process and to seek input and feedback on the plan.

Committee Staff

The committee shall be staffed by the Director of Parks and Recreation, who shall be responsible to provide for the administration of the affairs of the committee, including preparing agendas and minutes, posting public hearings, handling correspondence, and maintaining all official records.

Annual Reporting

The committee shall update the Town Council periodically as work proceeds on the project and will prepare and deliver a final draft master plan for the property to the Town Council for consideration upon completion of its work.

Agenda & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following Committee approval.
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