Housing Committee


To advocate and work towards improving the bicycle and pedestrian network in Brunswick.

Committee Membership

Members shall serve staggered, three-year terms with terms ending on June 1 of each year.  At the end of a member’s term, a departing member may reapply for membership and join the pool of applicants from the residents of Brunswick.


  • John Hodge, Chair
  • Stephen Walker, Vice Chair/Council Representative
  • Arthur Boulay, Planning Board Representative 
  • Melissa Fochesato
  • John Gallagher
  • Jim Howard
  • Fatuma Hussein
  • Carol O'Donnell, Southern Midcoast Housing Collaborative
  • Phil Potenziano, Superintendent
  • Sarah Singer, School Board Representative
  • Don Spann
  • Stephen Tibbetts
  • Sande Updegraph, Council Representative

Meeting Schedule

Fourth Monday at 3:00 PM

Committee Responsibilities

The Committee shall be responsible for the following:

 Examining the diversity and affordability of Brunswick’s existing housing stock. Research, study, and provide information on ways for the Town to support housing initiatives for all segments of the population. Recommending an order of prioritization for Brunswick’s housing policy needs.

Reviewing and making recommendations regarding Brunswick’s housing incentives and requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Review dimensional and density standards within Brunswick’s Zoning Ordinance
  • Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and tiny homes
  • Density bonuses
  • Public/private development partnerships
  • Affordable housing and regular tax increment financing
  • Credit enhancement agreements
  • Adaptive reuse and rehabilitation incentives
  • Impact fee and other fee reductions
  • Expedited review process
  • Contract zoning
  • Inclusionary zoning
  • Deed restrictions 

Reviewing the impact short-term rentals and Air BnB’s have on the availability of longer-term housing options, owned or rented. Recommend regulations if deemed necessary. Reviewing and consider recommending the creation of a “home share” program. Reviewing and consider recommendations regarding landlord tenant issues including the possibility of establishing a rent control mechanism. Further, to consider the impact of converting rental units to ownership. Other duties that might arise because of urgent circumstances, Council action, or staff suggestion. In developing its recommendations, the Committee shall define or determine:

The following terms:

  • Market Rate Housing
  • Low Income Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Workforce Housing
  • High-end Housing
  • Short-Term Rentals

The segments/price points to be served. Compliance with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances as it relates to future development. Financial feasibility for developers to include affordable housing options in new developments. Fiscal impact of the housing recommendations on municipal services, including schools, and the capacity of existing infrastructure and staffing to serve additional population. The Committee is authorized to exercise its discretion in completing its assignment. To that end, it may:

  • Seek input from stakeholders and others it deems appropriate.
  • Consult with the Planning Board, the Comprehensive Plan Committee, and staff from the Departments of Planning and Economic Development.
  • Make interim recommendations prior to the completion of its work.

Committee Staff

Sally Costello, Economic Development Director

Annual Reporting

The Housing Committee will present to the Town Council on an as needed basis. 

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings, Minutes are available following approval. Agenda and Meeting Minutes may be found here.