Landing Community Center Committee (LC4) - MARC


LC4 is an advisory committee authorized by the Brunswick Town Council to guide and coordinate the redevelopment effort of parcel 40-211A (REC-11).

Committee Membership

The Town Council shall consider approval of the slate of member organizations for the Advisory Committee.   The recommended Committee members represent stakeholders from the public and private sectors that will provide expertise in their respective fields and serve as a liaison to key stakeholders and community constituencies.  


  • Jennifer Hicks, Town Councilor
  • W. Dave Watson, Town Councilor

Meeting Schedule

Quarterly on the Third Thursday at 4:00 PM

Committee Responsibilities

  • Work with a consultant in the predevelopment phase to facilitate the community engagement process to further define the development program.
  • Develop a fundraising strategy to reflect the development program informed by the community engagement process.
  • Provide oversight of an environmental consultant throughout the planning, design, and construction phases of the redevelopment process to ensure compliance and eventual reporting requirements are met.
  • Facilitate the planning and development approvals from the Department of the Interior, DEP, and other governing/regulatory entities.
  • Guide the redevelopment process and serve as the Project Manager for the redevelopment activity.
  • Implement the fundraising strategy.
  • Develop an operating plan and budget for the outdoor recreation municipal complex, including maintenance and interim and on-going capital needs.

Committee Staff

Tom Farrell, Parks & Recreation Director

Sally Costello, Economic Development Director

Annual Reporting

The Landing Community Center Committee will present to the Town Council on an as needed basis.