How do I get an Entrance Permit?

An Entrance Permit is required if you will be constructing a new driveway or expanding an existing driveway where it connects to the public street. An Entrance Permit is not required to repave an existing driveway. If you plan to install a new driveway or make your existing driveway larger you must first apply for a permit and provide information on what you are doing, submit a scaled plan of the driveway location with dimensions and materials to be used, information on a culvert if one is required, name of the contractor doing the work and provide proof of general liability and vehicle insurance. You may fill out the online form or download the Entrance Permit application from the Permitting page of our website or, call to have us fax it to you, or stop by Public Works to get a permit application. Once the form is filled out, please return it to us for processing with your application fee and allow two weeks for us to review and issue a permit before you intend to start the work.

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