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Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park


  1. Boat Launch
  2. Park Benches
  3. Parking
  4. Walking Path


Description: Bay Bridge Landing Wetland park adjoining Merrymeeting Bay which features a 3/10-mile perimeter walking path with interpretive signage detailing local habitat, flora, fauna and fisheries. There is also a small gravel surfaced boat launch location at the site. This park is also utilized in for winter for access to ice fishing in Merrymeeting Bay.

Location:  Bay Bridge Landing Wetland Park is located at the western end of Bay Bridge Road

Hours of operation: Dawn to dusk.

Amenities available:

  • Parking (school bus parking also available)
  • 3/10 mile perimeter walking path
  • Interpretive signage detailing local habitat, flora, fauna and fisheries.
  • Boat launch for small boats
  • 2 benches at scenic points
  • Handicapped, Wheel Chair Accessible

Primary uses:  Walking, bird watching, boat launch, fishing and ice fishing

Restrictions:  Dog must be leashed at all times

Background notes:

A multi-use park opened in 1998 as a wetland mitigation area in compensation for construction of the Merrymeeting Bridge and associated wetland impacts. This park features a 3/10 mile walking trail alongside a tidal wetland. Interpretive signage describes some of the park history --- the site was the location of the Bay Bridge between which connected Brunswick and Topsham in the 19th and early 20th centuries --- as well as providing information about some of the common wetland flora and fauna. Ospreys often nest on a platform nest next to the site. This park also offers a boat launch area for use by small boats and canoes. This site is heavily used in the winter months for an access point for ice fishing.