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Town Commons


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Town Commons Trail System


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Description: A 71-acre wooded park featuring trails, picnic areas, and interpretive signage.  The trail system of the Town Commons connects with the trails of the adjoining Greater Commons, permitting long hikes through the woods. The Town Commons also features a pitch pine heath barren --- a rare plant community in Maine --- as seen on the Pitch Pine Barren Loop trail.  Some American Chestnut trees have also been planted at the Commons; these are visible next to the Chestnut Trail.

Location: The park is located along Harpswell Road (Route 123).  The Town Commons parking lot is located on Harpswell Road approximately 1½ miles south of Bowdoin College.

Hours of operation: Dawn to dusk

Amenities available:

•Gravel parking lot


•Interpretive signage

•Informational kiosk

Primary uses: Hiking, jogging, dog walking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing, bird watching.

Restrictions:  Dog must be leashed at all times

Background:  The Town Commons is the oldest “park” in Brunswick.  The Town Commons originally consisted of 1,000 acres, granted in 1719 --- 20 years before Brunswick was incorporated as a town. Eventually, much of the Town Commons was utilized in the creation of Brunswick Naval Air Station.  Learn more about the Town Commons at


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