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Crimmins Field


  1. Football Field
  2. Soccer Field


Description: Crimmins Field includes two full size soccer fields. Newly opened in 2011 the facility was constructed as part of the new Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementray School project. Prior to this new construction the facility consisted of one full size field which was built in 1984.

Location: On Baribeau Drive with walking access from the new elementary school on McKeen Street as well as from the Brunswick Junior High School located on Columbia Avenue

Hours of operation: Dawn to dusk

Amenities available: Automatic underground irrigation system

Primary uses: Soccer, football and lacrosse play

Restrictions: During the School year, one field is typically programmed by the Brunswick School Department and one field is programmed by the Parks and Recreation Department. During the non-school year both fields are programmed by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Background notes: The facility is maintained by the Parks and Recreation Department, owned by the Town of Brunswick and controlled by the Brunswick School Department.