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1. When is the Planning and Development Office open?
2. How long does it take for Planning Board or Village Review Board Approval?
3. What are some examples of projects that require building permits?
4. Who do I see if I want to build an addition, deck, garage, shed, etc?
5. Can I submit my application online?
6. What documents need to accompany a Development Review Application?
7. What are the documentation requirements for a Building Permit/Demolition Permit?
8. What are the requirements for residential construction under the new 2015 energy code?
9. How do I obtain Planning Board, Village Review Board or Zoning Board of Appeals applications?
10. How do I obtain permit applications for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Signs or Change of Use?
11. How do I obtain a copy of my plot plan?
12. How do I determine the zone my house or business is in?
13. How do I report a code/zoning violation?